Theatre-101Theatre 101 is a fun and interactive lesson in the behind the scenes aspects of live theatre.  It is an all ages family show and performs at the Windsor-Walkerville Fringe Festival in 2018.

Our story begins with our Hero going to their first terrifying audition where he meets some zany characters and makes a friend who helps guide him through all the basics of live theatre. Follow our hero from his audition, to rehearsal and finally to opening night.

This interactive show is a lesson in disguise! Want to know what an audition is like or what “cheating out” Or “spiking” is? Our all youth cast and crew will teach you in a fun and entertaining way. You will meet a variety of fun characters, different types of actors, mischievous stage hands, and some of the backstage people involved in making live theatre possible. Come join us for a show and leave with a new understanding of live theatre.

Please give us the 1-minute elevator speech about your show:
Theatre 101 was written and directed by the RYT youth. Theatre 101 is a all ages show. IT is a fun and interactive exploration of the basics of live theatre! Come along as our hero struggles through their very first terrifying audition and learn along with them as they are learn theatre terms and techniques. Our hero encounters some very colourful characters on his journey all brought to life by a youth cast and crew! Theatre 101 makes learning about theatre fun!

Who is involved in putting your show together?
Under the guidance of our executive director, the RYT youth wrote, directed, acted and created all aspects of the show. Our Poster was created by an RYT youth as well. Our board of directors provides the funds and the RYT kids provide the passion.

Please tell us about yourself:
Revolution Youth Theatre (RYT) is a charitable organization offering youth ages 12 to 21, in the Windsor area, the opportunity to experience the thrill of being part of a theatre company at no cost to them. Our first production season started in January 2015 and since then we have produced 10 shows, including Theatre 101, ranging in subject matter from light hearted variety shows to heavier real life issues like suicide and addiction. RYT is a hands on experience. Revolution Youth Theatre is a youth driven company. The RYT kids choose all our shows. They are encouraged to take part in all aspects of all RYT productions.  Our backstage team is also comprised of youth so there is something for kids who would like to be part of theatre but do not act. They are also involved with designing all our RYT posters and run our social media. RYT is also a proud member of the Student Links program through Community Living Ontario which places youth with Intellectual disabilities with mentors who can mentor them in subjects the youth is interested in. RYT mentors youth in theatre.

Is this your first Fringe production?
This is Revolution Youth Theatre’s first fringe. We are excited to be a part of it.

What does Fringe mean to you?
Fringe, to us, means an opportunity to step outside our comfort zone and try something fun and different, like writing and producing our first original play. The RYT kids enjoy experiencing different aspects of the theatre world and Fringe gave us the opportunity to try something totally different and maybe convince others to “Join The Revolution”.

Aside from Fringe, what are you up to this year?
Fringe will bring our 2017 – 2018 season to a close but the RYT kids are already hard at work creating and arranging performances for our 2018 – 2019 season which will include our yearly variety show which will be performed early January. This year’s theme is “Through the Ages”. They are writing skits, choreographing dances and arranging musical performances covering Iconic, songs, dances, comedy and theatre “Through the Ages”. They are also deciding on which play to do for our May 2019 production.  They are leaning towards Alice in Wonderland.

Theatre 101 performs at the Fringe on:

July 25 – 7:30pm
July 27 – 3:30pm
July 28 – 4:30pm

Tickets are available at the Fringe website.

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