London Public LibraryStarting with the September 2018 Edition, 519 Magazine will now be available in both print and digital form in every Library branch in the London Public Library system. This increases the magazines coverage to allow readers and visitors to grab a copy of the area’s only entertainment magazine at all 16 branches in London, and an additional 60 branches of public libraries in Windsor, Essex, Chatham-Kent and Sarnia-Lambton.

With this new arrangement, 519 Magazine will now deliver thousands of copies of the region’s only free entertainment magazine to more than 300 retail, tourist and hotel locations across the lower 519 regions. With content ranging from music, arts, theatre, fashion and film, 519 exclusively writes about entertainment and entertainers from or coming to the 519 area for a performance.


519 Magazine was launched in the spring of 2018 and has already featured Cheap Trick, Eddie Money, Johnny Reid and Leah Harris on past covers.

London Public Library branches include: Beacock, Byron, Carson, Central, Cherryhill, Crouch, East London, Glanworth, Jalna, Lambeth, Landon, Masonville, Pond Mills, Sherwood, Stoney Creek and Westmount.

Windsor Public Library branches include: Central Library, Bridgeview Library, Budimir Library, Fontainebleau Library, Forest Glade-Optimist Library, Riverside Library, Sandwich Library, Seminole Library and W.F. Chisholm.

Essex County Public Library branches include: Amherstburg Branch, Essex Branch, Harrow Branch, McGregor Branch, Kingsville Cottam Branch, Kingsville Highline Branch, Ruthven Branch, Comber Branch, Toldo Branch, Stoney Point Branch, Woodslee Libro Centre Branch, LaSalle’s Bill Varga Branch, Leamington Branch and Tecumseh Cada Branch.

Chatham-Kent Public Library Branches include: Blenheim Branch, Bothwell Branch, Chatham Branch, Dresden Branch, Highgate Branch, Merlin Branch, Ridgetown Branch, Thamesville Branch, Tilbury Branch, Wallaceburg Branch and Wheatley Branch.

Sarnia-Lambton Public Library branches include: Alvinston Library, Arkona Library, Brigden Library, Bright’s Grove Library, Camlachie Library, Corunna Library, Courtright Library, Florence Library, Forest Library, Grand Bend Library, Inwood Library, Mallroad Library, Mandaumin Library, Mooretown Library, Oil Springs Library, Petrolia Library, Point Edward Library, Port Franks Library, Port Lambton Library, Sarnia Library, Sarnia Children’s Library, Shetland Library, Sombra Library, Thedford Library, Watford Library, Wilkesport Library and Wyoming Library.

For more information or to speak with a member of the 519 Magazine team, email

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