HalestormHalestorm blew into London Music Hall last Sunday (May 12) for a stop on their Vicious Tour with supporting acts Beasto Blanco and Canadians Palaye Royale.

From the opening number “Chemicals”, a previously unreleased b side from their Record Store Day green vinyl release of Buzz from the current album Vicious, you knew this was going to be a great night. The near sold-out crowd of rabid fans roared when the lights went down and the band entered to the heavy industrial guitar sounds of their newest release. Lzzy, in her trademark heels which on this night resembled a feminine version of Gene Simmons’ KISS boots, towered and commanded the stage like a boss.


The band followed up with the Grammy award winning Love Bites (So Do I) and Mz. Hyde from their second album “The Strange Case Of…” The show’s setlist did a nice job of hitting all the high notes of their relatively short but highly successful commercial span of 15 years. The brother and sister act of Lzzy (Elizabeth) and Arejay Hale have been performing veterans since the age of 13 and 10 respectively so they’re surprisingly experienced for such young performers.

Arejay’s drum solo is a highlight of every show and he’s a performer in every sense of the word. He really moves on the kit with his curly mop of hair flying to the beat and muscular arms flailing – he’s a super showman and the crowd loves it. At one point he uses giant over-sized sticks à la Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick fame. It seems kind of gimmicky, but I have to tell you, I love it. People pay to see a show and Halestorm deliver on all ends.

In the encore portion of the show, (the band never actually left the stage), Lzzy and guitarist/partner Joel Hottinger took front stage with an acoustic guitar under fanning white stage lighting for the beautiful ballad “The Silence”. The calm was temporary though, as the next three songs got the crowd into a frenzy with Bad Girls World and Here’s To Us in which Lzzy hoisted a Red Solo cup and toasting the loyal mass of fans. They ended with the big hit I Miss The Misery, with the whole house singing along.

Openers Beasto Blanco, featuring Chuck Garric of The Alice Cooper Band and Alice’s daughter Calico, were an interesting pick with their heavy metal version of what could be described as Rob Zombie meets Ted Nugent. The campy antics of Garric and Cooper are highly entertaining and the music has grit.

Toronto band Palaye Royale also performed. Now based in Las Vegas, the band is perfect for the high energy Glam Rock style they have. Opening with a cover of Iggy Pop’s I Wanna Be Your Dog, the band has a spastic energy on stage that’s pure punk and a look that screams T-Rex. This band is one to watch for – they’re going to be big!

All photos by Dan Boshart, 27th Floor Photography


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