Alexisonfire Detroit 2022Canadian sleeping giants Alexisonfire were awoken and were pillaging everyone at The Fillmore in downtown Detroit. With their first full length album in over 13 years out as of Late July, Otherness. Alexisonfire was shaking the trees to let everyone know they are awake and ready to give us new live music. With their tour starting end of May, this 21-date tour will take them till Oct ending it at the House of Blues in Anaheim California before starting a European leg. We were lucky enough to see them in perfect form mid tour and man they did not disappoint.

Opening up on select dates for this tour are Metz, Elliott and Fall of Troy. This special night in Detroit we got the pleasure of seeing Emo Indie Rockers Elliott open. I had to do a bit of research on them as I remember the name from back in the day but didn’t know what they had been up to. Come to find out this is only their second live show since 2003. They formed in 1995 and released 3 full albums.


In 2000 they released False Cathedrals which was met with critical acclaim in the underground rock scene. Their set was very low key, chill vibes. The drummer was a full-on maniac, and their lead guitar player had the case of the Jim Morrison’s as he never really turned around towards the crowed. Their bass player kept it all glued together and their lead singer and rhythm guitarist Chris Higdon had the audience in his trance. I thought this was an odd pairing as Elliott was amazing to watch but they were on the mellow side and what was about to come is everything but mellow.

Alexisonfire opened their set with a punch in the face. Ripping through their 2006 classic’s Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints as well as Boiled Eggs. If the crowed wasn’t warmed up enough by now it was about to with their blistering hit Old Crows. All these songs bring back great memories. For something very much in the present they banged out one of their new songs off their 2022 release Otherness called Sweet Dreams. Sweet Dreams has an official video for it and it’s also my favorite song off the new album. It has this great hypnotic vibe to it; the vocals take you sailing.

After waking up from that dream they launched into Rough Hands, Mailbox, and another fan favorite off the new album Sans Soleil. Sans brings the mood down and shows that softer side of AOF. For being a new song, they had the whole room singing it with them, it was a nice moment for sure. After the moment was over singer George Pettit had a chat with the crowed at the Fillmore about caring about what happens to us below them as they are from St. Catharines Ontario and are watching the unrest going on in government and with the supreme court’s rulings. Once done it was a perfect opportunity to rip into Committed to the Con.

The band aid was ripped off and it was time for the cure. After leaving people speechless with Polaroids of Polar Bears, they almost brought the house down when the crowd realized they were breaking into their number one song This Could Be Anywhere in the World. The balcony where I was watching the rest of the show started rocking with the music, it’s a cool and scary feeling but man the people were defiantly into it singing every word. Another incredible moment for sure.

Rounding out their set was the always powerful The Northern, Dogs Blood and Young Cardinals. Coming back out for a final encore in a packed house in the D they finished up the evening with Accidents and Happiness. With the looks on everyone’s faces on the way out the door, there was a ton of happiness going on. If you get a chance go see this tour, they are electrifying.

Alexisonfire with Elliott
The Fillmore
Detroit, MI
September 15, 2022
All photos by Maximus Reid



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