Andre Pettipas and The GiantsCanadian indie-rock artist Andre Pettipas and his band The Giants are making waves with their new single “Definition of a Dweeb”. This talented ensemble previously captured hearts with their album “No Fools No Fun”, and now they are back with fresh material that captures the essence of adolescence and growing pains.

“The initial concept for “Dweeb” stemmed from a self-haircut gone wrong from my teenage years. I wanted a song that hit the same as Wheatus’ hit, “Teenage Dirtbag” and took a lot of inspiration from that,” says Andre Pettipas.


“Definition of a Dweeb” is a song that resonates with anyone who has gone through the tumultuous teenage years. With its catchy melodies and introspective lyrics, it captures the feeling of navigating adolescence.

“The major meaning behind the song highlights adolescence and teenage growing pains. As my twenties have finished I find myself reflecting on situations I’ve been in throughout my life,” shares Andre. He further explains that having friends with teenage kids helped him transport himself back to his own teenage years and empathize with the struggles of adolescence. He stresses the importance of inspiring and helping the youth through these growing pains, and understanding that mental health can take a toll during these years as teenagers focus on appearance and social status.

A fascinating memory that Andre shares, which influenced the creation of “Definition of a Dweeb”, is a hair-related mishap during his high school years. Growing up in a small town, he was an anomaly, engaging in both sports and music. He recalls how his competitive nature, stemming from a young age, has helped him chase his musical dreams.

“The memory that sticks out the most is the story of dweeb, for the fact of how much I cared about my hair growing up (and to this day.) I had to shave my head bald after a faulty haircut,” recounts Andre. He describes the story of trying to give himself a mohawk for soccer provincials, only to end up shaving his head after a mistake. This experience made him realize the extent to which appearances mattered to him at that age.

“Dweeb” carries powerful messages, as Andre states, “We’ve got to do better looking out for one another AND not be so hard on ourselves.” He speaks passionately about the need for compassion and understanding, highlighting the detrimental effects of using drugs and alcohol as coping mechanisms.

“We’re all just lost souls swimming in a fishbowl looking for a place to belong. If we try a little harder to be accepting and welcome people’s different quirks I think the world will be a much better place,” Andre expresses.

Excitement surrounds the release of this single, especially given the success of Andre Pettipas and The Giants’ previous album “No Fools No Fun”. “It’s so nice to finally be releasing new material…to have fresh material is like a new life,” says Andre. He mentions how the album, which began recording in 2019, was finally released in 2021 due to the pandemic.

Andre reveals that “Dweeb” is part of an upcoming 13-track album titled “Under Control”, which was recorded at The Tragically Hip’s studio, The Bathouse, and Shoebox Studios. The album deals with vulnerability, healing, and growth.

When asked about winning the Arkells “Leather Jacket” cover contest, Andre called it the biggest turning point in his life. He had just recovered from a brain virus called encephalitis when the contest was announced. Winning the contest affirmed his belief in music as his true calling.

“To be honest, this was the biggest turning point in my life…This was GIANT for me as it made me believe that I was on the right path and music IS the road that I should be taking,” says Andre.

The origin of their band name, Andre Pettipas and The Giants, comes from a fondness for wrestling. He wanted the band to have his name in it for easier brand recognition, likening it to Joel Plaskett’s The Emergency and Matt Mays’ El Torpedo. The name signifies that the band is larger than life and acts as the biggest support group for Andre on this musical journey.

Andre Pettipas and The GiantsBeing from Nova Scotia has greatly influenced Andre Pettipas and The Giants’ music and band identity. Andre shares that, “Growing up in this blue-collar province, we’ve drawn significant inspiration from iconic Nova Scotian bands like The Trews, Sloan, Plaskett, and Mays. This cultural backdrop has imbued our music with a spirit of hard work and resilience, which has also shaped our commitment to delivering electrifying live performances.”

Building on this dedication to their live music scene, the band has taken a significant step forward with the creation of their own festival, “Giantstock”. Andre elaborates, “The idea was kindled during our performances at ‘The Blacktop Ball’, a festival hosted by our friends, The Stanfields. With a new album on the horizon, we decided to invite some of our closest colleagues to the inaugural year of Giantstock.”

The location of Giantstock, Merigomish, NS, has a special significance. Andre explains, “The picturesque coastal landscape and built-in stage on the property owned by our friend, Orville Mason, make it the perfect location for attendees to unplug and immerse themselves in the music.”

Reflecting on their career so far, Andre shares the significance of being named the Casino NS Artist in Residence Finalists in 2015. “This recognition validated our work and marked us as serious contenders in the music scene,” Andre said. Another milestone was when “Sympathy Card” hit #27 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart. “Sharing space with legendary bands like Foo Fighters and AC/DC… reaffirms our belief in the path we’ve chosen,” Andre shares.

On the topic of “Sympathy Card”, Andre fondly remembers the experience of recording it, saying, “The song, originally a demo, was reworked with John Angus MacDonald of The Trews and turned into a powerful three-chord rocker. It’s one of my favorite songs and serves as our set opener during shows.”

Andre also shares the secret to maintaining high energy during their performances: a Beetlejuice-inspired mantra, “it’s showtime,” tattooed on his forearm. “The band’s ultimate goal, whether performing live or recording in a studio, is to provide their audience an escape from everyday life and help them connect deeply with the emotions expressed in their music,” Andre explains.

With the release of “Definition of a Dweeb” and the upcoming album “Under Control”, Andre Pettipas and The Giants continue to build upon their successful journey in music, emphasizing messages of compassion, acceptance, and resilience through their captivating lyrics and melodies.

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