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The Windsor Express, a beacon of basketball prowess in the region, has embarked on an exciting journey in the newly formed Basketball Super League (BSL), marking a significant shift in the North American basketball landscape. With their season opener against the Montreal Tundra on January 12, 2024, resulting in a triumphant 105-94 victory, the Express have set the tone for what appears to be a promising and action-packed season.

In an exclusive interview with Bill Jones, the strategic mastermind behind the Express, we delve into the team’s aspirations and strategies as they navigate this new chapter. “Every season is the same, our goal and expectation is to win a championship. The switch to the BSL is no different,” Jones declares, underscoring the team’s unwavering ambition.


Jones, known for his dynamic career in basketball, both as a player and coach, has left a lasting imprint in the sport. During his professional playing tenure, he notably participated in the 1988–89 NBA season with the New Jersey Nets, contributing an average of 3.5 points and 1.3 rebounds per game across 37 games. His achievements extended to the Continental Basketball Association, where he was recognized on the All-Rookie First Team and the All-CBA Second Team, along with playing in the 1995 CBA All-Star Game.

After retiring as a player, he transitioned into coaching, bringing his extensive experience to the Windsor Express in the National Basketball League of Canada. His coaching philosophy, emphasizing a fast-tempo and high-scoring style, has been instrumental in leading the team to consecutive championships in 2013 and 2014. Jones’ role as both head coach and VP of Basketball Operations underlines his comprehensive approach to team development and strategy, guiding the Windsor Express to notable successes in the league

The Windsor Express move to the BSL represents more than just a change in competition; it’s a gateway to enhancing basketball’s reach across North America. Jones highlights, “It is a great way to grow basketball in all of North America as we face teams from both Canada and the USA.” This expansion not only elevates the game but also forges new connections and rivalries, enriching the sport’s cultural tapestry.

Despite the league’s novelty, the Express remains grounded in its proven strategies. “The new league has not had much impact on our strategy. What we have been doing for the past 11 years has worked and we intend to stick to it,” Jones asserts. This consistency is a testament to the team’s deep understanding of their game and confidence in their approach.

The team’s geographical advantage, being near the Canada-USA border, offers a unique benefit. “For our players, it is very significant. A location this close to the border allows for the opportunity for the friends and families of our players to come watch them play,” Jones explains. This proximity fosters a stronger sense of community and support, crucial for the players’ morale.

Adapting to the BSL’s format, Jones finds alignment with the team’s existing model. “Realistically this number of games fits our model well. In past seasons, game numbers have been very similar so the league mandate of 12 road games and 14 home games fits well for our organization.” This seamless integration into the new structure bodes well for the Express’s adaptation and success.

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Building a robust team was a priority in the offseason. Jones shares, “After a good run last year, we wanted to bring back players who are hungry to redeem themselves, but also bring in new guys who are hungry to make history by becoming the first champions of the BSL.” This blend of experience and fresh ambition could be the formula for achieving their championship dreams.

Jones emphasizes the importance of mental toughness and cohesiveness in the team. “We’ll use the same approach we have used up to this point. To have players that are tough and mentally strong to compete in a GREAT league every night. When players both new and old have the same mindset, they will work well together.” The return of fan favorites like Latin Davis and Ja’Myrin Jackson adds to the team’s robust roster.

The Express’s game philosophy, focused on speed and control, remains a cornerstone of their strategy. “To play fast and over control has always been our goal – to push the ball and be in great condition. This has always been our recipe for scoring over 100 pts. Keeping with this strategy will bring success in these areas,” Jones notes.

Defensive prowess is a critical element of their game plan, with Associate Head Coach Aaron McDonald playing a pivotal role. “Our associate head coach Aaron McDonald has implemented a heckuva defensive scheme on ways to force the ball and great pick and roll coverages,” Jones proudly states.

Jones’s role extends beyond strategy, focusing on overall team development and management. “I have a team of coaches around me that handle the player development during practice and after. My job is to manage and oversee that process,” he explains, highlighting the collaborative effort behind the team’s success.

Personal resilience plays a crucial role in Jones’s leadership. He shares his approach to maintaining mental strength, “It’s tough but my belief in God and taking my medication every day and regularly speaking to my therapist, that is what helps me stay focused and mentally strong.”

The team’s focus extends beyond physical training. “Our main focuses are conditioning for game performance as well as encouraging and teaching our philosophies on and off the court, ensuring everyone is on the same page,” Jones emphasizes, underlining the holistic approach to player development.

As the Express embarks on this new league journey, their approach to the game evolves. “It’s a new way of basketball, so it will be important in our approach, so getting our players all the information we can is essential to determine strengths and areas we need to work on to be successful,” says Jones.

Regular discussions about goals and progress keep the team aligned. “We get better every day by talking about goals and progress as well as expectations of the guys each and every day.” Jones asserts.

Reflecting on past glories, Jones reminisces, “Our first Championship as the Windsor Express was magical. The excitement that we brought to the organization, community and our friends and family. And of course, we can’t forget about our FANS!”

Jones envisions a bright future for basketball in Canada, spurred by the team’s success. “We want to see a continuous growth of the sport in Canada. Canada is mostly known for hockey, but if we continue to put a good production on the floor and draw people in, more kids will start playing. The sport will become more popular,” he projects.

Finally, acknowledging the team’s supporters, Jones expresses gratitude and calls for continued enthusiasm. “We LOVE our fans we thank them for their support this far and ask that they continue to bring that support and energy on our journey to becoming the first BSL champions!”

The Windsor Express’s transition into the BSL not only marks a new era for the team but also signifies the growing prominence of basketball in the region. With a combination of strategic consistency, player development, and community support, the Express is poised to make a significant impact in the league. Fans and basketball enthusiasts alike will be watching closely as they strive to achieve their goal of becoming the inaugural champions of the BSL.

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