London KnightsThe House of Green will host a ‘Green’ event when the London Knights face off against the Sudbury Wolves on Friday, November 9th at Budweiser Gardens.

“Following the success of last year’s ‘Green’ game, we decided that we wanted to make this an annual event and look forward to building our efforts year over year” said Brian Ohl, General Manager of Budweiser Gardens. “This game provides us with a great platform to celebrate with the community the success that we have had and continue to share all of the significant work that is being done within the venue.”

Once again, Spectra Venue Management has teamed up with the London Transit Commission to offer fans coming to the game the opportunity to ride on LTC busses for FREE beginning at 5pm and running through the end of service. Each fan will need to present a valid ticket for that night’s game to gain entry onto the bus. “We are grateful that the LTC has partnered with us again on this great initiative to provide the 9,000 plus fans coming for the game the opportunity to ride free of charge and reduce carbon emissions” said Ohl.

Fans at the game will once again have even more incentive to root for a London Knight’s shut-out as Reforest London and Spectra have partnered on the ‘Saves for Trees’ program that will see a tree planted for every save that a Knight’s goalie makes during the game as part of the Million Tree Challenge. Last year a total of 44 trees were planted following a generous donation from game-sponsors Downtown London to match the save total. Downtown London has agreed to continue their commitment to this initiative ensuring that each save will count beyond the scoreboard. Fans at the game are also encouraged to join the Saves for Trees program by sponsoring a tree for $25.

A new edition to the game will be the presence of Raw Materials Company Inc. who have partnered with the London Fire Department and will be on hand to collect used household batteries to be recycled. “The London Fire Department has always been very good at reminding the community to change the batteries in their smoke detectors with the clock change so the timing of this partnership is perfect!” said Ohl. In addition to collecting batteries at the game, Budweiser Gardens will also be a permanent collection site.

November 9th will also mark the official launch of the PASS ON PLASTIC, SCORE WITH PAPER campaign that has taken over Budweiser Gardens. Moving forward, plastic straws will no longer be available within Budweiser Gardens as they have been replaced with paper straws. “Over the last few years there has been a big push to remove plastic straws from businesses and we wanted to be part of the movement. With that being said, due to the nature of our business it is important that we continue to offer great customer service and we feel that offering paper straws allows us to achieve both” said Ohl.

Tickets are available to purchase by calling 519-681-0800, in person at the Aluminum Associates London Knights Armory or visit

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