KingYusuf / Cat Stevens recent manifesto, “For A Good King,” raises a pertinent political point ahead of his new album “King of a Land.” While directed at King Charles III, it’s a message that every leader should heed. It reminds us of what we should demand from our leaders and rulers. In today’s world, it’s a rare occurrence to see leaders comprehend the language in which they lead. Instead, leaders such as Trudeau, Trump, Biden, Johnson, et al, have built their foundations on hatred, prejudice, corruption and hypocrisy; firmly casting their leadership in creating divisions among their people.
The current state of affairs is one where the Kings have gone mad, and our countries are in ruin. It’s time for change, to break this vicious cycle of political degradation. The average citizen is left to endure the high cost of fuel, homes that are increasingly unaffordable, and a Prime Minister who enjoys lavish, hypocritical vacations while the disgust among his constituents grows. The time for real leadership is now, and we must demand it from our elected officials.

photo by Aminah Yusuf.

The song King of a Land, also the title of Yusuf / Cat Stevens’ forthcoming new album, retells the story found in the beautiful illustration bedecking the album’s cover – created by NY Times #1 best-selling illustrator, Peter H. Reynolds, in collaboration with Yusuf. The song is immortalised in a brand new music video, also released today, where Yusuf’s lyrics and Reynolds’ illustrations are both brought to life. This is the story of a small boy who imagines what he would do if he were king of a land called “Woodbee”. Childlike faith and dreams are brought back into touching distance as Yusuf takes us on a new journey. His voice, words and stunning melodies lead the listener to the gates of a much nicer, optimistic world than the one we presently inhabit.


Listen to ‘King of a Land’ Here / Watch the official music video Here
The release of ‘King of a Land’ arrives amidst a wave of celebratory activity, closely following the announcement of Yusuf / Cat Stevens’ Glastonbury Festival debut. Set to take place this June 25th, where he will perform the coveted Sunday tea-time legends slot at the Pyramid Stage, the performance will come just one month ahead of Yusuf’s milestone 75th birthday, and closely follow the anticipated release of his seventeenth studio album.

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