Ghost, the enigmatic Swedish rock band known for their theatrical performances and occult themes, has unleashed a captivating new EP titled “PHANTOMIME” today. Accompanied by the innovative virtual escape room experience called “Escape From The Ministry,” the band continues to push boundaries and engage their fans in unique and thrilling ways.

The EP peaks with their rendition of Genesis’ “Jesus He Knows Me,” a song which immediately grabs your attention. Ghost’s interpretation injects the track with their mysterious aura, reimagining it in a way that is both faithful to the original and infused with their own distinct sound. This hauntingly brilliant cover has already gained tremendous popularity, accumulating millions of streams worldwide and making an impact on the Rock Radio charts. And Ghost always seems to please when they take a stab at religion.


Another standout cover on the EP is Tina Turner’s “We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome).” Ghost takes this iconic Tina Turner track and transforms it into something truly extraordinary. They infuse it with their trademark dark and melodic touch, creating a mesmerizing rendition that captivates the listener from start to finish. Ghost’s ability to breathe new life into this classic song is a testament to their artistry and creativity.

Iron Maiden’s “Phantom of the Opera” also receives a unique treatment from Ghost, but is not as uniquely original as the other songs. While not the standout track on the EP, it still showcases the band’s ability to record straight forward metal. Ghost brings their atmospheric and enigmatic sound to the forefront, but the changes are too subtle to add any real depth to the song.

“Hanging Around” by The Stranglers and Television’s “See No Evil” complete the EP, further highlighting Ghost’s versatility and musical prowess with songs that might not be as well known. With each cover, the band manages to pay tribute to their influences while infusing the songs with their unmistakable sonic signature. Hanging Around give the band a touch of new wave, in a similar way their cover of Missionary Man by Eurythmics did in 2016. See No Evil is actual the lead track on the EP and sounds like it could have fit on the band’s debut album Opus Eponymous, side-by-side with Ritual.

Accompanying the EP release, Ghost offers fans the opportunity to explore the newly renovated ministry through the “Escape From The Ministry” virtual escape room experience. This interactive adventure, set to the soundscapes of PHANTOMIME, allows fans to immerse themselves in Ghost’s world, combining their ongoing webisode series with an engaging and atmospheric soundtrack.

As Ghost embarks on their 2023 world tour, the EP serves as a bridge between their previous chart-topping album, “IMPERA,” and their upcoming live performances. With a lineup of impressive festivals and headlining shows across the globe, Ghost’s tour promises to be an unforgettable experience for fans worldwide.

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