THE FLOOD movie stillPrepare to hold your breath as Daemon Hillin, the acclaimed producer behind heart-pounding horror and thrilling action, presents his latest tempestuous terror, “The Flood.” Releasing on both theater screens and digital platforms this July 14, 2023, this exhilarating movie threatens to submerge you in a wave of suspense and fear.
Known for his knack for producing bone-chilling horror flicks like “The Long Night” and “Final Kill”, Hillin’s latest venture is set to storm the box office. Together with director Brandon Slagle and an ensemble cast including the likes of Casper Van Dien, Nicky Whelan, and Louis Mandylor, Hillin brings to life a nail-biting narrative of survival amidst a cataclysmic hurricane and a hungry horde of alligators in Louisiana. Prepare to be swallowed whole.

The Flood movie poster“I’ve always been captivated by the concept of features and their capacity to create immersive worlds for viewers. I found the idea of a prison break particularly intriguing because of the inherent intensity and suspense it can provide,” Hillin explained. “‘The Flood’ gave me a chance to share these emotions and amplify them with the looming threat of a natural disaster.”


Hillin credits the film’s innovative blend of genres to the brilliant mind of his friend and writer, Chad Law. “The alligator element added an extra layer of unpredictability and threat to the narrative, elevating it from a conventional escape drama to an adrenaline survival horror. I saw this as a unique opportunity to create a film that would be entertaining, but also profitable.”

Choosing the right actors was critical to bringing this vision to life. Hillin’s history with Casper Van Dien and Nicky Whelan made their inclusion a natural choice. “Their performances in our previous collaborations made it clear they would be the perfect fit for the roles in ‘The Flood’.”

With Brandon Slagle at the helm as director, Hillin’s focus was on supporting his vision. He explained, “My role was to ensure he had the resources necessary to bring his imagination to life.”

Unsurprisingly, the production faced several challenges. “One of our biggest hurdles was recreating a realistic flood scenario,” Hillin revealed. “The alligators, being CGI, presented a different challenge. We had to provide visual cues for the actors so they could react realistically to a threat that wasn’t physically present.”

Hillin believes “The Flood” offers a unique cinematic experience by blending the thrill, action, and horror genres. “The story itself is quite unique, and the way these genres converge creates an engaging symphony of suspense, adrenaline, and terror,” he added.

Hillin credits much of his financial success to his collaborations with Film Bridge International, Jordan Dykstra, and Saban Films. “Their expert insights into market trends and audience preferences help me identify projects with great potential,” he said.

With his past films performing well in Asia, Hillin anticipates similar success for “The Flood.” “The concept of encountering frightening animals is a universally understood fear, crossing cultural and language barriers,” he explained.

Reflecting on his journey in filmmaking, Hillin shared, “With every film, I learn something new. There are always different fires to put out and obstacles to overcome… What I love about this process is that it keeps me evolving and growing. I love what I do. And learning is always a big journey for me.”

In the grand scheme of Hillin Entertainment’s ventures, Hillin affirmed, “‘The Flood’ aligns perfectly with our ongoing commitment to produce engaging and entertaining films. I love creating ‘creature features’, which offer audiences thrilling and cinematic experiences. Our goal has always been to keep financing and producing films that are not only commercially successful but also enjoyable for audiences.”


Daemon Hillin

Hillin recounted some of the intense experiences from the production of “The Flood.” He said, “We were filming in the sweltering heat of Thailand, in a confined space that was constantly filled with water that needed to be changed frequently. The challenging conditions were exhausting and at times made us cranky, but they also brought our team closer together.”

The technical demands of “The Flood” presented unique challenges. For the alligator sequences, CGI assets were created and approved before filming. As for the storm sequences, Hillin explained that they used “a combination of practical effects and stock footage.”

When asked about the scale and ambition of “The Flood” compared to his past projects, Hillin shared, “Every project I undertake comes with its own unique ambitions, and ‘The Flood’ was no different. The scale of this film was indeed a challenge – creating a complete jailhouse and simulating a flood were non-trivial tasks.”

The collaboration between Hillin and screenwriters Chad Law and Josh Ridgway was instrumental in shaping “The Flood.” He said, “They’re incredibly skilled writers who understand the nuances of creating a compelling screenplay. They were highly adaptable, adjusting the script according to location constraints, logistical situations, and budgetary considerations.”

As with many film projects, “The Flood” evolved during its production. Hillin confessed, “Changes can stem from various factors like location restrictions, personnel availability, and managing different personalities on set. This requires flexibility and a willingness to evolve our original concept without compromising the overall story.”

When asked about his affinity for the horror genre, Hillin explained, “Fear, as an emotion, transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries, making horror films easier to market globally. People around the world understand and connect with the thrill and suspense that comes from being scared, making these films commercially viable and profitable.”

In terms of the message that “The Flood” delivers, Hillin was clear, “‘The Flood’ is meant to be a thrilling ride that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. I hope viewers will let go of their everyday concerns, and simply immerse themselves in the suspense, action, and horror that the movie presents.”

In the words of Daemon Hillin, the magic of filmmaking lies in its evolution. “The Flood” promises to be an exhilarating adventure, both for its creators and its viewers, a testament to the team’s resilience and ability to adapt in the face of challenges. A thrilling ride awaits in theaters and digital platforms on July 14, promising suspense, action, and a hearty dose of fear.

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