Dean Brody_Press PhotoAs the warm September breeze rustled through the streets of Toronto, fans eagerly awaited more than just the autumn leaves. Dean Brody, the celebrated entertainer, unveiled Right Round Here on September 15, his newest lyrical homage to Canada. But for Brody, this release isn’t just about music; it’s a continuation of a narrative that intertwines his profound connection to Canada with his unwavering commitment to change.

The album, a testament to his multifaceted journey across Canada’s vast landscapes, comes on the heels of his triumphant six-show streak at Toronto’s Budweiser Stage. As Brody gears up for the Right Round Here tour this October, his musical reverie promises an intimate voyage through Canada’s small-town theatres, a first in his illustrious 15-year career.


But, as fans gear up for Brody’s musical offerings, the spotlight at the 2023 CCMA Awards isn’t solely on his melodic prowess. With four nominations in tow, including the coveted Entertainer of the Year, it’s his recognition as the recipient of the 2023 Gary Slaight Music Humanitarian Award that has many in awe.

DeanBrody_RedCarpet“I feel honored, for sure,” Brody shared in a recent conversation with 519 Magazine, speaking on the prestigious accolade. He expanded on this sentiment, stating, “ People that are helping their communities and assisting others… such recognition is truly humbling.”

Brody’s humanitarian journey began unexpectedly. He reminisced about the fateful moment: “Back in 2010, I read a book called Remember Me, Rescue Me.” This narrative, chronicling the distressing realities of exploited girls in Brazil, acted as the catalyst. Driven by what he read, Brody sought out the author and ventured to Brazil. What followed was the establishment of five safe houses along Brazil’s notorious BR 116 highway through The Dean Brody Foundation.

“It was during my first trip,” Brody began, the weight of the memory evident in his voice, “that we chanced upon a petite girl by the road… It shattered my heart.” Such raw, firsthand experiences only solidified Brody’s resolve.

When queried about the intertwining of his music with his humanitarian endeavors, Brody delved deep. “There’s that one song, ‘Leela’s Song.’ It’s based on that painful reality I witnessed during that trip to Brazil,” he shared, his voice measured, heavy with the weight of the memory. “Writing on such heart-wrenching subject matter isn’t easy. It takes a toll.”
The extent of human trafficking’s global reach was an alarming revelation for Brody. “I never realized its vastness, its insidious spread. It’s not just isolated pockets; it’s a worldwide, deeply hidden malaise.”

His dedication to the cause of battling human trafficking isn’t surprising, given the depth of emotion he pours into his music. In both spheres, he relies heavily on stories, on lived experiences.

“The stories from the ground, from friends working directly with the affected kids, keep me informed. Regular visits, witnessing their pain, and understanding their world – that keeps the fire alive,” Brody shared. The harrowing details, though, provide more than just information. They serve as a constant reminder of the need for action, of the difference one individual can make.

Brody believes that artists, with their unique platforms, have a responsibility. “Whether the cause is in your backyard or halfway across the globe, if you have the means to raise awareness, you should. This cause will occupy me for a lifetime.”

After a stirring run of six consecutive performances at Toronto’s Budweiser Stage, this award-winning entertainer is setting his sights on another adventure, the release of his eighth studio album, Right Round Here, out now.

“To say this album is a love letter to Canada is perhaps understating it,” Brody shared in an exclusive chat. “From coast to coast, this nation has been both my muse and home. Right Round Here is my ode to the country that raised and shaped me.”

It’s not just his recent works that show his penchant for Canada. His expansive 15-year career discography is replete with melodies that resonate with the nation’s heartbeat. But his upcoming fall tour promises an intimacy hitherto unseen. It’s a chance for him to reconnect with his fans, especially in small-town theaters.

5cfcb7b5-00a3-4ee8-9c4f-8a5b96f45510“I’m trying something different this time,” Brody explained. “This tour is chronological. Starting from ‘Brothers,’ my audience and I will journey through my career, weaving through stories, inspirations, and of course, the music. There’s something innately personal about sharing your life’s timeline.”

The foundations of Brody’s songs, as he described, stem from his innate curiosity about people. “When I first started, my songs painted pictures of my rural upbringing. But as I evolved, so did my narratives. Whether it’s a close friend or a stranger, everyone has a story. And in that story, there’s a song.”

On a lighter note, discussing his latest single, Paint the Town Redneck, Brody chuckled. “It’s just some country boys having a blast in the city. A bit of fun amidst all the seriousness.”
Directly following the release of Right Round Here, Brody will headed into the 2023 CCMA Awards which he performed on the annual televised show and being the recipient of the 2023 Gary Slaight Music Humanitarian Award for his work with The Dean Brody Foundation.

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