St. Clair College Music Theatre’s Heathers, 2023

The St. Clair College Music Theatre Performance program is taking a daring step with their upcoming spring show, Heathers the Musical. Based on the 1989 cult classic film, this production touches on themes of bullying, popularity, violence, suicide, and mental health, creating a poignant and relevant commentary on the high school experience.

Director and choreographer Melissa Williams explains that the show continues to resonate with audiences because “most people feel very alienated and isolated in high school. It is an awkward time where often we are not very kind to each other.” But Heathers also explores the deep human desires for acceptance, love, and mercy, making it an important conversation starter about mental health and the pressures of fitting in.


To bring this powerful production to life, St. Clair College is double-casting the show, allowing two actors to play the lead role of Veronica Sawyer. Camryn Winnicky-Lewis and Breanna Nichols will bring their unique interpretations to the character, allowing more women in the program to sink their teeth into lead roles.

Despite its serious themes, Heathers the Musical takes an entertaining and campy approach, with obscure and fun songs that make the rehearsal process a blast. The diverse cast of students from all three years of the program is excited to showcase their talents and tackle the challenging material.

Performances will be held at the Chrysler Theater for two weeks, starting on April 20th and running until April 29th, with both evening and matinee options available. While the show does contain mature themes and strong language, it offers a unique opportunity to see young professionals in action and engage in important conversations about mental health and the high school experience.

So, if you’re looking for a thought-provoking and entertaining night out, head to the Chrysler Theater and witness the incredible talent of the St. Clair College Music Theatre Performance program as they bring Heathers the Musical to life.

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