Elle KingElle King, the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, has been known for her powerful vocals and deeply personal lyrics. However, when she became a new mom, she found herself struggling to balance her music career with the demands of motherhood. That was until she discovered a new way to channel her creativity.

“When I was touring, writing, and recording my new album ‘Come Get Your Wife,’ I was also a new mom. I was exhausted all the time and didn’t have the energy to control everything,” King explained to 519 Magazine. “But in those small moments between shows or taking care of my child, I found a new creative outlet.”


King began collaborating with writers on the road, popping into the studio when she could, and using those small windows of time to focus on her music. “I could only be creative for a specific amount of time, but it was enough. It was liberating to let go and go with the flow,” she said.

As a new parent, King realized that personal life must fit into those creative windows. “It’s important to feed or pick up my kid and work around those obligations,” she added.

Through this new approach, King found that she was able to create music in a more focused and intentional way. “I used to struggle to understand the creative process when I was younger, but now I have a different perspective. Being a mom has helped me prioritize my time and energy.”

King’s new album, “Come Get Your Wife,” reflects this newfound approach. The album showcases a mix of upbeat, danceable tracks and introspective ballads, featuring her signature soulful vocals and raw, personal lyrics.

For King, being a new mom hasn’t meant sacrificing her creativity, but rather finding new ways to tap into it. She’s proven that even in the midst of the demands of motherhood, art can still thrive.

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