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october, 2019

tue15oct(oct 15)9:00 pmwed16(oct 16)1:00 amWax Collective Vol.22 / Brian Eno: Reflection / Record Giveaway9:00 pm - 1:00 am (16) Phog Lounge

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“Following records like Thursday Afternoon, Neroli and Lux, which were initially written with external places and other projects in mind, “Reflection” feels like Eno’s most personal ambient piece since “Discreet Music.” He didn’t conceive of it while bedridden in a hospital, but he did spend “a very long time” on it, writing, listening, adjusting, sharing and so on. Where “Discreet Music”‘s processed tape loops layered their notes in airy bundles, floating high before fading out, the sustained tones of this music are deep, spacious and ever-present. Listening to it intently is like being in an isolation tank, in that its all-encompassing vibrations and brief melodic flourishes have a way of focusing the mind. Shivers of feedback surface and vanish like a thought, while subtle waves of drone mirror the subconscious, quietly coloring everything. A dark room and a powerful soundsystem could make “Reflection” a transcendent experience.”

“Eno approaches Reflection less like a capital-A Artist, exerting his will and ego on the music, and more like a scientist conducting an experiment. He establishes a set of rules, puts a few variables into motion and then logs the results. Reflection opens with a brief melodic figure and slowly evolves from there over the course of one 54-minute piece. It’s not unlike the opening notes of Music for Airport’s “1/1,” with Robert Wyatt’s piano replaced by what might be a xylophone resonating from underwater. Each note acts like a pebble dropped into a pond, sending out ever widening ripples that slowly decay, but not before certain tones linger and swell until they more closely resemble drones. Listen closer and certain small frequencies emerge and flutter higher like down feathers in a draft.”
-PITCHFORK: 7.7/10

“Here, the one track unfurls very gradually over 54 minutes (and one second), its thrums and oscillations reverberating at a pace you might call glacial if the glaciers weren’t all melting in such a hurry. At seven minutes in, the tones gather momentum. At 21 minutes, there’s something like the twitter of an electronic bird. It gets going again at the 47-minute mark, when the bell-like nuances once again turn up a notch.

The overall effect is deeply, magnificently peaceful, meditative, even; ambient certainly monopolises certain sections of the thesaurus. Naysayers may liken ambient music to watching paint dry, but this is paint drying on a Mark Rothko canvas. The harder you tune in, the more there is to notice, the more you let it wash over you, the more it sucks you in to reveal internal structures.”


Phog has a vast collection of 45s and LPs including almost every pop single recorded from ’77 – ’89. We encourage you to come out, dig our crates and select some records to be played as we hide the iPod and go full vinyl all night. If you don’t want to dig our crates, bring ANY of your own musical vinyl to be played. We gotchu!

Every month, there is a featured vinyl prize/giveaway supplied by the extremely generous Dr. Disc Records. This month we’re giving away Brian Eno: Reflection.

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For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Disc is a local Windsor music store. We buy and sell new and used CD’s, Vinyl, DVDs, Band Shirts, and Posters.

So, what the heck makes us so great? The huge selection of used CDs? A vinyl selection that’s satisfies both current and classic rock tastes? The fact that we get new releases twice a week? The in-store performances that we host? Our knowledgable staff that understands the importance of getting that CD you desperately want (and the fact that they’re all terribly good-looking, too)?

Ok, maybe it’s “all of the above”. Whatever the case, we think you’ll have a great time popping in and browsing around. Our prices are more than competitive, because we know there’s nothing more frustrating than going to a “mall store” and getting over-charged due to some big corporate-mandated demographically-driven initiative spearheaded by clueless suits. Ok, I said it.

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15 (Tuesday) 9:00 pm - 16 (Wednesday) 1:00 am


Phog Lounge

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