FMX Motocross London 2022The FMX World Tour rolled into London’s Budweiser Gardens on Saturday November 26,2002. The tour showcases some of the best professional freestyle motocross riders from across North America. There was an even mixture of Canadian and USA based competitors, who have all previously starred at the X-Games, Red Bull X-Fighters, Nuclear Cowboyz, and Metal Mulisha events.

The show started with a meet and greet on the arena floor, where fans got a chance to grab some autographs and selfies with the stars of the tour along with an up-close look at their machines. Tour pros Nick Dunne, Curtis Williams, Brody Wilson, Christian Martinez, Billy Kohut, and Keith Sayers handed out autographs like candy on Halloween. The look on the eyes of the young kids as they got up close and personal with the performers and their mighty machines, was a sight to behold.


As the show started, each rider was given 90 seconds to showcase the best of the best tricks from their arsenal.  They were launched 50 feet into the air off a metal ramp and worked their magic as they flew 75 feet across the arena floor onto the landing ramp. Unfortunately, Curtis “dirtkurt” Williams lost control of his bike during his run and had to retire with an arm injury; thus, showing the actual danger involved in these motorcycle aerobatics.

The second round paired up the riders and showcased dual tricks performed at the same time. This added an extra element of danger as the riders flew off the ramp in unison, performed synchronized tricks before dropping back down to earth.

After a brief intermission, the show resumed with the Canadian team of riders taking on the USA team in a battle of free style dominance.  With some of the best tricks of the night, the Canadian team pulled on the win and was crowned the champs.

FMX World Tour
Budweiser Gardens
London, Ontario
November 26,2022
Photos by Brent Groh

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