grandson London 2023The trio of grandson, Monowhales, and No Love for the Middle Child converged upon the iconic London Music Hall on July 22, 2023, and it was nothing short of spectacular.

The air was electric with excitement as grandson was set to perform tracks from his evocative album, I Love You, I’m Trying. As one of the hotspots on their Canadian tour, London played host to fans from both local and surrounding regions, all amped up to see their beloved artists live.


Opening the night, No Love for the Middle Child hit the stage with a fervor that was felt by every heart in the venue. Their signature blend of energy and emotional depth had the crowd enthralled. Their set, punctuated by the soulful slow song accompanied by the melancholic notes of a cello, brought a depth to the evening that was both unexpected and wholly welcomed.

Following, the JUNO-decorated Monowhales took center stage. A regular to London crowds, the audience was buzzing with expectation, and they didn’t disappoint. Frontwoman Sally Shaar was a whirlwind of energy, her powerful voice and infectious moves pulling everyone into the Monowhales’ world. The pinnacle of their set came when Sally took a bold dive, surfing the expanse of eager hands in the crowd, further blurring the line between the performers and their audience.

When grandson emerged, the set backdrop showcased the familiar camouflage aesthetic, paying homage to his latest album. Positioned beside the street sign bearing his album’s name, he dived deep into “Two Along Their Way”, his vulnerability and authenticity immediately captivating. Throughout his performance, grandson seamlessly bridged the gap between the stage and the audience, fostering an environment of unity and belonging.

The culmination of the night, grandson’s rendition of “Blood // Water”, was nothing short of euphoric. It served as a potent reminder of the artist’s journey and the shared experiences that bond him with his fans.

In true grandson style, the evening was a celebration of diversity, unity, and the power of music. For anyone considering catching them on this tour, it promises a world of emotions, a sense of community, and an unforgettable experience.

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Grandson with Monowhales, and No Love for the Middle Child
London Music Hall
London, ON
July 22, 2023

All photos by David Booth



No Love For The Middle Child

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