80s-Gone-WildSouthwestern Ontario hair metal fans were surprised to learn that Windsor party hair metal band Hair Force One had recently changed its name. The band, known for its killer versions of Poison, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot and Guns N’ Roses, are now known as 80s Gone Wild: A Tribute to Hair Metal.

“Due to a legal matter with our old name, Hair Force One we were forced to change our name,” said band member Vince Sollazzo (Vinny). “We want to assure everyone that nothing has changed in terms of us delivering all of your favorite big hair 80’s songs. We will also continue to give a high energy show. So… without further ado, our new name, after much debate amongst the band members, is 80s Gone Wild: A Tribute to Hair Metal.”


The band will be performing all their scheduled shows under the new name, including their popular summer cruise in July. Band members are Vinny, Sydney, Bonez and BFyve are looking forward to all their upcoming shows.

“We want to thank all our fans for supporting us in 2018 and look forward to an awesome 2019,” Vinny added. “Rock on!”

80s Gone Wild upcoming shows include:

  • JAN 26 – Fortress Tavern, Chatham
  • FEB 16 – Eastside Bar & Grill, London
  • MAR 2 – Fortress Tavern, Chatham
  • APR 6 – The Back Stage, Windsor
  • APR 19 – Fortress Tavern, Chatham
  • MAY 4 – Brain tumor awareness/fundraiser – Fortress Tavern, Chatham
  • JUN 21 – Fortress Tavern, Chatham
  • JUL 27 – Windsor River Cruises, Windsor
  • SEP 27 – Fortress Tavern, Chatham
  • NOV 16 – Fortress Tavern, Chatham
  • DEC 21 – Fortress Tavern, Chatham

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