Tim OtterThere was not an empty chair in the place Friday night (May 10), as customers piled into the Spiritual Soldiers Coffee Compound in Windsor to enjoy an evening filled with music and comedy.  As newbies checking out this place on Erie Street, observing the atmosphere and interactions in some ways felt like Cheers (without a stitch of alcohol in sight, only delicious smooth concoctions and beverages!) where everybody knows your name.  I’ve never been to a spot where so many people hugged each other, it was like their own personal greeting. If I don’t really know someone well enough, I’m more of a fist-bump/ hand-shake or head nod kind-of gal, but you know we all have our preferences. Best of all, when you want a safe haven whether you’ve overcome addiction or in the process of doing so, this is your ideal spot to check out without judgment.

The evening started out with some acoustic guitar by the incredibly talented, Cassidy Young. I had heard of this musician by name before, but never had the opportunity to check him out live. I’m so glad that I did! Emotions ran high as he started to perform his own unique covers of songs such as: Say Something, Zombie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s just to name a few.

Then it was time for the Windsor Improv Troupe which consisted of: Dylan Macdonald, Alex Monk, Eric Minch, Nancy Lefebvre, and Mark Worsley.  One of Dylan’s skills that really stood out to me was his ability to switch accents (from Greek to an Aussie) so flawlessly.  He had me roaring with laughter.  I loved when Eric and Alex did skits together because they played so well off of each other.  Mark was a joy to watch on stage, hitting his comedic delivery every time. With Nancy, she’s a firecracker where you really don’t know what hilarity will come out of her mouth and I think that’s a true gift.

The improv games that really stood out for me were the hilarious round of Jeopardy, The Dating Game, Lines From a Hat, and Store Return. Sipping my peppermint tea, it was great to not just watch these performances either, the audience was part of the show being able to shout out answers and dictate what objects, words and phrases the Troupe would ultimately use.  It was definitely not easy to create creative and funny scenes on the spot and yet they all managed to do so with ease.

A special guest appearance was made by one of Windsor’s top Comedian’s, Tim Otter, who honestly reminded me of just the most lovable lumberjack. He had the best deadpan humour which included quips about a zombie grandma and having a non-Tom Selleck body.  After his stand-up comedy, Tim chimed in on some of the improv skits.

Overall, it was a fun night and goes to show you that variety is the spice of life.

Check out all the awesome upcoming events happening at: https://www.spiritualsoldiers.ca/








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