Inked Circus Tattoo Expo

The WFCU Centre transformed into a pulsating hub of creativity and self-expression as the Inked Circus Tattoo Expo rolled into Windsor for the first time, leaving an indelible mark on the city’s cultural landscape. This three-day spectacle of body art brought together a dazzling array of 80 local and international tattoo maestros, turning the arena into a canvas of living, breathing art.

The air buzzed with excitement and the hum of tattoo machines as thousands flocked to witness this unprecedented event. From tattoo virgins to walking masterpieces, the expo welcomed all, offering a smorgasbord of styles from classic black and gray to eye-popping color, neo-traditional to anime-inspired designs.


Windsor’s own tattoo scene flexed its muscles, proving that the Rose City’s ink game is strong. Local artists showcased their skills alongside international talent, demonstrating why Windsor’s tattoo history is as rich and colorful as the designs adorning attendees’ skin.

As the sun set each day, the competition heated up. Artists battled it out, their needles and creativity put to the test as judges scrutinized every line and shade. The crowd cheered as Windsor’s own talent claimed victory in the color category, proving that local artists can hold their own on the global stage.

The Inked Circus didn’t just leave its mark on skin; it tattooed itself onto Windsor’s event calendar. With promises to return next year with an even bigger, bolder show, this expo has undoubtedly become the newest, coolest kid on Windsor’s cultural block.

From curious onlookers to die-hard enthusiasts, the Inked Circus Tattoo Expo proved that in Windsor, body art isn’t just a trend – it’s a thriving, vibrant community ready to make its mark on the world, one tattoo at a time.

All photos by Brent Groh:



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