Junie B. Jones at the Chrysler Theatre in 2024

The cast of the joyful Junie B. Jones musical end off one of the many wonderful songs in the show at the Chrysler Theatre on February 10, 2024.

This past Saturday (Feb. 10, 2024) at the Chrysler Theatre, a sea of eager young faces filled the audience as “Junie B. Jones” took to the stage. The famed children’s book character from the 1990s and early 2000s, embodies the adventurous spirit of childhood, navigating the complexities of the world with humor and heart. Staged by Bloomsbury House with a minimalist approach, the production transformed four simple desks into the expansive universe of Junie B.’s first-grade adventures. It was a creative choice that paid off, proving that imagination and talent can turn even the most basic set into a canvas for storytelling magic, much to the delight of its young audience.

Barbara Park’s “Junie B. Jones” book series following the adventures of the spirited Junie B. as she navigates the trials of first grade. The books, beloved for their relatable portrayal of a child’s perspective, delve into themes of friendship, curiosity, and resilience, subtly teaching young readers about embracing individuality and facing challenges with courage. Through Junie B.’s experiences, Park’s stories convey the valuable lesson that it’s okay to be imperfect and that each day brings its own set of lessons, making the series a cherished companion for children on their journey through the ups and downs of growing up. And the musical is no exception.


Charlotte Salisbury, embodying the spirited and spunky Junie B. Jones, was captivating. Her performance was a beacon for the children in the audience, reflecting back their own worlds filled with wonder, challenges, and triumphs. Salisbury’s Junie B. was not just a character on stage but a friend, someone who understood the highs and lows of being young. And she had the best striped socks in the entire building.

The ensemble cast, too, was a powerhouse of talent, bringing to life the colorful cast of characters that surround Junie B. With Bill Dileva shining in dual roles as Junie B.’s dad and the unforgettable Sheldon, the actors created an inviting and engaging world. Their performances spoke directly to the children in the audience, mixing humor with heart in a way that was both entertaining and relatable.

The musical numbers were a particular highlight, weaving together catchy tunes with meaningful messages. Songs like “When Life Gives You Lemons” offered not just entertainment but lessons in resilience and positivity, echoing the show’s appeal to both the joys and challenges of childhood. It was these moments, full of song and dance, that not only entertained but also connected with the young audience on a deeper level, encouraging them to sing along, laugh, and maybe even learn a little about navigating the world.

“Junie B. Jones” at the Chrysler Theatre was more than just a show; it was an experience, a celebration of childhood in all its complexity and joy. For the many children who filled the seats, it was a mirror to their own lives, filled with laughter, learning, and the endless potential of a story well told. Bloomsbury House’s production was a reminder of the power of theater to not only entertain but to inspire and educate, making it a memorable afternoon for children and adults alike.

Watch for more from Bloombury House, who’ve quickly become pros at children’s entertainment.


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