Korda - Cinderella PantoSome traditions will carry on this Christmas. Windsor’s Korda Artistic Productions is going ahead with its annual Holiday Panto despite not being able to stage the show for a live in-theatre audience. The show will be streamed on the Kordazone Theatre YouTube channel for three days starting December 11.

Despite the loss of a live audience, the tradition is important to Korda’s founder Tracey B. Atin.


““KordaZone is our playhouse, and a ‘home’ to me,” she wrote in a statement on the thaetre website. “My mom’s stage name is on the sign, my dad’s paintings are on the walls, Terry Ware’s artwork is on the proscenium… the souvenirs of so many shows and all the memories of so many loved ones are in the DNA of our space. I love that it’s also home to many other people, and that with the hard work and commitment of the Korda Board members over the years we have built a welcoming, quirky place where we can explore and play and create together. I consider myself lucky to have landed in a place that has such an assortment of passionate, talented artists – unique souls who share a love and commitment to creating art. At this strange and scary time, we’re realizing how much we have in common and how important we are to each other. As I’ve often said in the wings – ‘I can’t go on… I’ll go on!’ Korda will be back, and we look forward to entertaining our loyal audiences again on the other side of this.”

Like all Korda pantos of the past, Cinderella will be an unauthorized, unorthodox performance that defies definition. Usually a mash of the classic story and several pop culture references in one show, Korda’s pantos are the highlight of the Kordazone theatre season. In this one, Cinderella meets a ragtag group of characters ranging from mice, horses, a royal baker and many others.

Cinderella: An Unauthorized, Unorthodox Online Holiday Panto premiere’s on YouTube on Friday, December 11 at 7 pm and continues further shows on Dec. 12 at 2 and 7pm, and Dec. 13 at 2 pm. https://www.youtube.com/user/KordaZoneTheatre.

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