AG SmithAn A.G. Smith exhibit called Material Culture: The Things We Make To Live is currently exhibiting at the Chimczuk Museum until September 9, 2018.

The exhibit is based on the concept that human need and available material combine to create forms that are inherently iconic. Over the last several years, he has constructed a series of models closely replicating shelters, transport, and artifacts of Northern Europe, Asia, and North America. Believing that knowledge is cumulative, much of the culture of a people can be​ known through their material artifacts.


This exhibition includes A.G. Smith’s models, as well as selected pieces from the Museum’s collection.

A.G.’s professional illustrations are such a special part of Windsor’s history. Nancy Johns Gallery represents his works in pen & ink, watercolour, and pencil, which are all the original renderings for various published educational books. Recently acquiring a new publisher in Manitoba, A.G.’s books, filled with history lessons for people of all ages, will be re-printing in the coming months.

Be sure to visit the Chimczuk Museum to see A.G.’s exhibition, Material Culture: The Things We Make To Live. He has created the most interesting replicas of shelters, transport, and artifacts from Northern Europe. See his collection at Nancy Johns Gallery

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