London’s Hard Rock Legends Still Eat, Sleep and Rock After More Than Four Decades

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HelixSouthwestern Ontario hard rock legends Helix continue to crank out new music and have been doing so for 46 years. It’s a heavy metal legacy that created hits like Rock You, Heavy Metal Love and the sure-fire new music video Eat, Sleep, Rock.

“The song was written by myself and Sean Kelly. Sean plays with a lot of Canadian bands and singers like Nelly Furtado, Crash Kelly and Honeymoon Suite,” vocalist Brian Vollmer told 519 Magazine. “We wrote the song a couple of years ago, and then I think the idea for the album came about some time last year. I wanted to put a compilation together that represented the years since we’ve left Capitol up until now, from albums like Vagabond Bones, Bastard of the Blues, Power of Rock and Roll. Albums like that, because I thought there was some great tunes on there. I just put my favorite tunes, plus two new ones, The Story of Helix and Eat, Sleep, Rock.”

The video made its world premiere on a Studio 73 online broadcast and is part of the bands new album of the same name. It was released last month on Perris Records around the world and Helix Records here in Canada. It will include a limited run vinyl release directly available from the band’s website.

With only four years until the 50th anniversary of Helix, Vollmer can’t help but look back at the extremely colourful career he’s enjoyed for decades:

“It’s driven us nearly insane and it’s been a great career. We’ve enjoyed every minute of it. We’ve met some fantastic people along the way. We’ve had some fantastic things happen in our lives. I’ve had some magic moments with all sorts of people. I was just discussing the story the other day with a friend of mine, and I said, “One time I was on a plane after the KISS tour. We were coming back to North America and here I am waiting for the bathroom, and up marched Gene Simmons to use the bathroom too. I was reading Last Waltz in Vienna, about Auschwitz during the Second World War, and Gene Simmons says, “My grandparents died at Auschwitz.” It was just a very emotional experience. You always figure Gene Simmons is a wild guy, and then suddenly here was a very, very personal moment.
Eat, Sleep, Rock is more than an album title for Helix, it’s their way of life.
Visit Brian and the band online at for more about their elaborate history and the new album.

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