Loud LuxuryDeep beneath the resplendent lights and beyond the veil of pulsating beats, two young men from London, Ontario have been shaking up the dance music scene as they blaze a trail of electric sounds and irresistible rhythms. Andrew Fedyk and Joe Depace, better known as the Canadian DJ duo Loud Luxury, have taken their talents to a global stage, lighting up the electronic dance music scene with a unique blend of energy and emotion. On June 29, these maestros of music will bring the magic home with a performance at Caesars Windsor – one of only a handful of Canadian shows in their otherwise international calendar.

Riding high on the crest of phenomenal collaborations, Loud Luxury has just released a new single, ‘If Only I,’ alongside acclaimed producer/DJ pair Two Friends and featuring Grammy-nominated pop superstar Bebe Rexha. The track, which was carefully crafted over the past year and a half, is an intoxicating blend of smooth vocals, infectious beats, and a vibrant melody that screams summer anthem.


“Our collaboration with Two Friends and Bebe Rexha is something we’ve kept under wraps for some time now,” Joe shares. “To finally unveil ‘If Only I’ to the world is not only exciting but also an honor. We have immense respect for these talented artists, and the entire process has been a journey filled with passion and anticipation.”

At recent performances, the track has already found a home in the hearts of many. EDC Las Vegas witnessed a finale that was lit up not only by fireworks but also by the irresistible rhythm of ‘If Only I.’ Similarly, the song made waves at Coachella 2023, where Two Friends and Bebe Rexha gave an electrifying live performance.

The single isn’t just turning heads live. A sun-drenched music video shot in California is creating a buzz among fans. The video is a love letter to summer, featuring a day at the beach turned dance party with Loud Luxury, Two Friends, Bebe Rexha, and influencer Hannah Stocking.

Loud Luxury with Two Friends featuring Grammy-nominated, pop superstar Bebe Rexha

Loud Luxury with Two Friends featuring Grammy-nominated, pop superstar Bebe Rexha

Joe and Andrew believe the song’s appeal lies in its infectious chord progression and relatable lyrics. Andrew adds, “The song is romantic and nostalgic. It brings you back to a nice summer fling that you’ve had. The reception has been amazing, and it’s only been out for four days.”

Their journey from humble beginnings in London, Ontario, to becoming international sensations is a testament to their talent, perseverance, and unique approach to music. Their philosophy is straightforward: “The main thing that we focus on,” explains Andrew, “is we want something that makes you feel good… If that initial idea that demo doesn’t make you feel like dancing, having a good time, it’s not going to work for us.”

The duo’s show at Caesars Windsor later this week on June 29, 2023, holds a special place in their hearts, combining their Canadian roots and the nearby party city of Detroit. Joe jests about the stress of the upcoming show, as he’s been “getting hit up by cousins and all these people being like, can I have plus five?”

The duo, currently based in LA, reflects on their big move after college. Joe recalls the risk they took when they moved with little more than “two suitcases and my speakers,” hoping that “if we’re here for long enough, something will happen.”

Andrew also shares about their Las Vegas residency, describing the city as a “party capital of the world,” where people from all corners of the globe come to party. “That’s what’s really cool about it. It’s a perfect test to see if it does work? Because if it can work there, it will work anywhere.”

As for their dreams of future collaborations, Andrew mentions the likes of Ed Sheeran and fellow Canadians Justin Bieber and The Weeknd. Their balancing act between touring and producing music has been a challenge, but, as Joe explains, they make do. “It’s not ideal, it’s not amazing having to work kind of just like wherever you are, like in a hotel or whatever. But we make do because sometimes you just have to do it.”

Winning a Juno award and an iHeartRadio nomination were milestones they grew up watching, and now to be a part of it is an honor for them. Andrew says, “It’s just important not only for us, but for the culture of what we represent to show that this matters and has an impact on the world stage.”

As for the future, Joe hints at their evolution in sound and style, revealing that they have “a couple of collabs coming up that we’re working on that are with some different genres.”

Above all, they want their music to radiate positivity. Andrew states, “We really just hope that our music brings a really powerful positive light… And we want to give people that feeling.” To which Joe adds, “We want people to listen to our music and be able to go out and rage.”

For more on Loud Luxury, visit: loudluxurymusic.com.

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