Marianas Trench at Caesars Windsor June 2, 2023In a stark departure from their usual grandiose tour spectacles, Marianas Trench treated fans to an intimate and raw performance at Caesars Windsor on June 2, 2023, reminiscent of rare club shows by iconic bands like KISS and The Rolling Stones. Stripped of elaborate set pieces, thematic backdrops, and extravagant light shows, this was a concert experience that put the band’s unfiltered talent and energy in the spotlight.

From their 2006 debut to the present, Marianas Trench has been known for their theatrically-tinted performances and meticulously crafted pop-rock anthems. This one-off show, however, provided a window into the band’s heart and soul, underscoring their remarkable musical abilities, profound passion for their craft, and innate ability to connect with the audience.


Josh Ramsay, the band’s lead vocalist, was a force of nature. Striding the stage with an infectious energy, his emotive vocals and charismatic presence commanded the room. It was apparent that his GRAMMY-nominated songwriting skills were not his only strength; his ability to evoke emotion and engage with the audience was equally as powerful.

His bandmates, Matt Webb, Mike Ayley, and Ian Casselman, matched his intensity. Their musicianship shone through, a testament to their years of playing together. Each one played with precision and gusto, contributing to the lively, high-energy atmosphere that pulsated through the venue.

Despite the lack of a lavish production, the concert didn’t lack in visual appeal. The stage was minimally set, spotlighting the band members and their instruments. The simplified lighting added to the intimate ambiance, gently shifting in response to the music’s ebb and flow.

Opening act Mico is a Toronto act that made a name for itself by publishing a cover of Marianas hit Desperate Measures on Tik Tok. The song got Josh Ramsay’s attention and here we are on the stage of Canada’s finest theatre stage opening for the Trenchers. Watch for more from Mico in the future.

Marianas Trench with Mico
Caesars Windsor
Windsor, ON
June 2, 2023

All photos by Dan Savoie

Marianas Trench


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