Shelter-In-PlaceWhen you hear the words “theatre” and “corporate” you wouldn’t think they would go together, but to local Windsor writer Matt St. Amand it makes perfect sense!

Shelter in Place is apart of Post Productions second season line up. It is filled with political outbursts and what it is like working for a corporate company with changing policies and procedures. The story follows Megan a bubbly woman who works in employee wellness, and Reinhart a rough around the edges man who works in logistics and risk management. They both end up trapped in a safe room because of confusing circumstances they are both trying to understand. There are no other employees around, the elevators are non-functioning and most of the doors and the stairways are locked. Now, all they have is each other to figure out how to get out and why they have not been alerted about what is going on.

Act One of Shelter in Place starts with three unique monologues to set the tone of the show. “Want” performed by Fay Lynn, “The Marketers Have Won” performed by Michael Potter and “Pitch Session” performed by Michael O’Reilly. Act 2 is where it really dives into the story of Shelter in Place. Both actors Fay Lynn (Megan) and Michael Potter (Reinhart) have always been strong on stage performers. Being able to create an original character that has never been performed on the stage before is a great accomplishment. Both actors were strong not only in their acting ability but how they spoke. Something that some people miss the mark on when performing is pronouncing words clearly and end phrases properly so the audience can understand. You could hear every single word Michael and Faye were saying. They really worked hard to bring Shelter in Place from paper to stage.

We already know that there is tremendous actors, singers and dancers in Windsor, but we have not talked much about the writers. Matt St. Amand has a creative mind. His script for Shelter in Place was captivating and thought provoking. Even the three original monologues performed in Act 1 were detailed and had a strong story from beginning to end. Matt is truly an incredible writer. It must be a pretty surreal feeling to have your original work being performed right in front of you.

What will happen to Megan and Reinhart? Is it terrorist attack? Is there a gunman in the building? Or is this some sort of test? Check out Shelter in Place to find out!

Fay Lynn as Megan
Michael Potter as Reinhart
Written by Matt St. Amand

Directed by Michael O’Reilly

Shelter in Place performs for one more show tonight at Shadowbox Theatre (103B-1501 Howard Avenue, Windsor) at 8pm. Tickets available at the door.

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