Bill and Ted Face the Music

I am caught in nostalgia from the time-travelling movies of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and even Bogus Journey, so I was a little scared yet excited to see what they would do with the newly released Bill and Ted Face the Music. Of course, seeing this on the big screen at Cineplex was the plan, but then came the pandemic. With so many opting out for theatre outings right now, the next best is renting from a lot of video-on-demand services, such as Cineplex Store – plus earn Scene points!

No major spoilers, but i’ll just say it was an enjoyable journey through the quantum realm of weirdness that is Bill S. Preston Esq played by Alex Winter. and Theodore Ted Logan played by Keanu Reeves! They sure make us laugh and now married to their bodacious babes, and they’re dads’ to two bodacious babies who are all grown up now. *cue iconic air guitar riff*

With the other cast members, I also thought Brigette Lundy-Pain did a phenomenal job as Ted’s daughter, Billie, and really emulated his mannerisms. They both have that awkward walk and hair swish going on!  “Death” who was played again by William Sadler had his moments, but in general, underwhelming for me this time around and had me really missing Rufus, played by the late, George Carlin. The robot got on my nerves from the get-go and I was going to say I didn’t get the connection with casting Kid Kudi, but I guess he is a superfan of Bill and Ted movies according to several sites I read, so they added him into the mix.

*Mini spoiler* During the end credits, I immediately said “That sounds like Mumford & Sons!” Well, after a bit of Google searching,  it’s actually a cool band called Blame My Youth. Now it will never replace in any way “In Time” by Robbi Robb,  but I don’t think that was the thought in mind. It definitely has that anthemic musical feel, which you either loved when that sound first came out, or you’ll loathe it like you did back then. The lyrics definitely spoke to me though.

Right Where You Belong – Blame My Youth


So, was this the most excellent adventure of all? It wasn’t, but had its merits and was still fun to watch. I’m just happy that they didn’t destroy another classic, like the train wreck of 2016’s Ghostbusters.

You may shed a tear depending on your level of sentimentality and remember that sometimes things don’t make sense until the end of the story.

Have you watched it yet? What did you think? Always curious!

Be excellent to each other.

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