PolarityToronto female fronted band Polarity has created a sound that is authentic, aggressive and all their own. They’re an independent 5-piece that rocks as hard as any metal band out there, but there’s also a charm to the music that most band’s don’t seem to have.

They’re on tour this month to support the just-released EP Trilateral. We had a chat with the band’s vocalist Jasmine Virginia.

I noticed your constant desire to connect with your audience. Not all bands try as hard as you guys.

Yeah, that has always been the central theme of Polarity – putting ourselves out there as a catalyst for healing, not only ourselves but our audience. I think that people are disenchanted with the world they see around them, with the messages they are being fed in marketing and in music. We’re really doing our best to connect with people and give them substance and let them know they’re not alone. They should be following their own truth. It’s definitely central to the music that we make



Is part of the connection with the fans due to your indie status?

Yeah, absolutely, We’re out there on the ground with the people. Some of the stages we’re playing on are basically just floors, legions, and halls, so we are face to face with our audiences. We are not disconnected at all. We always tell people come to give us sweaty hugs, and we’re chatting with them face-to-face on a regular basis, so we say we’re building our fans, but we’re actually just building our friend base, which is amazing. We’re starting to see a lot of repeat people in different cities and we’re really lucky that people are connecting to the music and connecting to us as people.

Was there any point that you guys considered signing with someone because of all the hard work it takes to be an indie band?

We have, and we’re not opposed to signing with anybody, but we’re waiting for the right opportunity. A lot of independent bands get stuck in a contract that doesn’t work for them; where they want to change the music drastically, where they’re bound to massive amounts of money afterward. So it’s really about finding a label that understands what you’re doing, doesn’t want to change us and wants to support us in the right way. If that comes along for us – fingers crossed it does – that would be great. We’d love the help because there is just so much to do.

It’s not something we’re closing the door on, but just waiting for the right label and the right opportunity to come along.

Most female-fronted rock bands rely on sex and short skirts to sell the albums and tickets, but you guys rely on your music and lyrics.

Thank you. Thank you, April. I’m so glad to hear you say that. As a fellow woman, it means a lot me to be authentic with who you are and for us as a band, it is about the music – that’s what we focus our attention. Yes, I am a female and a woman, but I am no more member of the band than the others. I have my best friends backing me, so playing up the whole sex appeal thing has never been part of my own personal motive. It’s not why I make music and it’s not part of our messaging at all. We’ve had the advice to put me out there and in more different ways to help us “get out there”, but it doesn’t feel right to us and it’s not something we’re going to do. And it certainly doesn’t feel right to me. My main thing is to be able to give the best performance I can give and be the most comfortable I can be in order to do so. Jeans and a t-shirt are pretty much my go to live performance wear.

With the music, there’s a bit of variety going on there.

With Trilateral, we always said we wanted to evolve heavier and kick ass, but at the same time to get more surreal and pretty to go along with our name Polarity. We write about finding the balance between body and life, but we also embrace Polarity with our music because we want to bunch people in our ears when the time is right, but then also pull it back in and have them sort of floating in a beautiful airy space, one second to the next. We’re really committed to both the heavy and the clean as well; we’re really into creating heavy-hitting tracks and beautiful music.

Check out the band and their awesome tunes at http://polaritymusic.com/.

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