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Fiker mainWhat sparked your interest in pursuing a career in music, and what was your journey to becoming a musician or band like?
Being able to do what we love as a career, every day, is the ultimate goal. We love music, and we’ve both been involved in music for most of our lives. We actually met at a musical event for a church about seven years ago, and after that, we never stopped playing music together.

Who are some of the musicians or musical acts that have had the most significant impact on your work and your sound?
There are so many artists that we love and look up to like Paramore, Donavan Woods, Ken Yates, Lizzy McAlpine, Leith Ross, and etc.; however, I have found that through being a part of such a rich community of artists and creatives, the people that have the most significant impact on my work and my sound are my musician friends. Eleanor, Saveria, John Fellner, and Imogen Wasse, to name a few.


Can you describe the progression of your musical style and what sets it apart from others in the industry?
We have always had a hard time figuring out what genre to say when we are asked a question like this because we don’t ever want to be boxed in by one genre. We have been folk, singer/songwriter, pop, R&B, rock, country, and etc. We’re really just drawn to how a song makes us feel, and how we hope it makes others feel. We just aren’t only one genre/sound/style. Which is what also sets us apart from the others in the industry.

How do you typically approach the songwriting process, and what role does collaboration play in your work?
We usually schedule a time to sit down and write a song. Sometimes, one of us will have an idea already, or we just brainstorm one when we start. If we’re brainstorming, we start with an instrument (piano or guitar), and we play around with chords until we find something that sticks. Then, we work on finding a melody and words. Usually, Nathan works on the instrument, and Fiker works on the melody and lyrics.

Can you share with us a particularly meaningful or personal song in your discography, and what inspired it?
There is a song we play that Fiker wrote and composed, called BREATHE. It talks about feeling stuck, but not finding any real escape from the reality of life and all that comes with it. When Fiker wrote the song, she was dealing with a lot of anxiety about the future and what it would look like. Writing this song was a way to sort of process the feelings that came along with it.

Could you discuss the evolution of your live shows and performances, and what you aim to convey through them?
This is definitely something we are still working on. Most of the time, we are usually on stage just the two of us. Nathan plays guitar and Fiker sings. At this point in time, we are trying to convey that we love the music just as much as our audience does. We want them to feel the music the way we do, and for them to enjoy how it sounds of course.

Can you recall any memorable or unique experiences you have had while touring or performing?
Definitely! Just last year, we performed at Home County Music & Art Festival for opening night. We were on the main stage, and we were the opening act. While we were performing, a man ended up on the top of the band shell. He was dancing, and being extremely reckless, so we had to stop mid-performance to make sure he got down okay. Thankfully he did.

What is your perspective on the current state of the music industry, and how do you see it evolving in the future?
Sometimes, we find it a little discouraging because the viral culture is so huge right now. It just makes it THAT much harder to “make it”, but one positive of that is there is so much more new music to experience which is always great. In regards to the future of the music industry, we hope there are more opportunities for independent artists to make a primary career out of being a musician.

How has your hometown or region shaped your musical identity, and what elements of it do you attempt to incorporate into your work?
Living in London, and attending concerts/festivals (i.e. home county, Donavan Woods, etc.) has always inspired us to try and become better at what we love doing. It also lends in spurts of creativity in writing when I’m in spaces with people that I look up to, or am a fan of. It has also been great to get to know more of the music community in London and (again) get inspired to do more and be better.

Could you share any exciting new projects or collaborations you have in the works?
We are currently working on new music to hopefully have out by the end of the year. Can’t say much more because we don’t want to jinx anything.

Soundcloud: fiker
Instagram: @f.i.k.e.r @nathanfkerr

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