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Madeline Doornaert - webWhat sparked your interest in pursuing a career in music, and what was your journey to becoming a musician or band like?
Writing music has been a part of my life since I can remember. As a child, I would write tons and tons of songs about anything and everything, like breakfast foods, mosquitoes, my dad’s friend who moved away. It was such an important form of expression for me and that has never changed.

Who are some of the musicians or musical acts that have had the most significant impact on your work and your sound?
HAIM, Madison Cunningham, The Strokes, Jeff Buckley, Paramore, Emily King, and so many other artists have had an impact on my sound. My sound is also influenced by other forms of artwork, characters, people, and the environment: Impressionist paintings, Greek mythology, pine trees, food, interactions with strangers, Gilmore Girls, and more.


Can you describe the progression of your musical style and what sets it apart from others in the industry?
While my songwriting is very inspired by my individual experiences, it is also very focused on conveying feelings that I can possibly share with others. I used to write more about what I was feeling to convey these experiences to others. I’m now more focused on writing to connect with others and to provide people with something they can possibly relate to.
Could you elaborate on the backstory and significance of your artist or band name?
I was named after that cartoon show character from the 90s, Madeline. The girl with the hat, from France, who walked in “two straight lines” with her friends from school. I always thought about going under another artist name but I’ve always been too scared I would change my mind about it the next week, so I’ve stuck with my own name!

How do you typically approach the songwriting process, and what role does collaboration play in your work?
Each song is approached a little differently. Sometimes I write a song over the course of a few years and sometimes I happen to write a song in 15 minutes. The part of the process that I currently value the most is making time to absorb new information, observing how it makes me feel, and reflecting on how it impacts others. I sometimes note on where people can connect on how they feel about a certain topic, event, or ideas. Collaborating on projects has provided me with so many more opportunities to communicate those ideas in different ways.

Can you share with us a particularly meaningful or personal song in your discography, and what inspired it?
‘Sunscreen’ was the first song I ever released! It has kind of developed more meaning over time. While I initially wrote it by thinking about sensory experiences that evoke nostalgic feelings, like feeling comfort when smelling sunscreen that was used growing up or hearing a song played frequently at a certain time in life, it now takes on the meaning of experiencing life after childhood. Sometimes those associations can feel wonderful, sometimes they can feel mournful, and sometimes they can feel a bit scary!

Could you discuss the evolution of your live shows and performances, and what you aim to convey through them?
Going from performing on my own to performing with a full band has been extremely inspiring. My favourite part of playing live is connecting with people I have never met without even speaking to them.

Can you recall any memorable or unique experiences you have had while touring or performing?
I will never forget meeting Steven Page playing at the Greenway Jam in Kingsville last summer!

What is your perspective on the current state of the music industry, and how do you see it evolving in the future?
I would love to see more resource sharing amongst musicians, arts organizations, and businesses. I’ve been so lucky to have benefited from this type of support in releasing my first album and it would be industry-changing if more emerging musicians had the same opportunities.

Can you speak to the role that activism, social justice or charity play in your music and career?
Yes, absolutely. Every time I write a song, I try to keep these things in mind because art can have a big influence on change. I think of my creative platform as an opportunity to inspire thoughtful and compassionate discussion.

How has your hometown or region shaped your musical identity, and what elements of it do you attempt to incorporate into your work?
I think of Windsor’s art scene kind of like Starry Night- where smaller arts organizations and businesses appear as bursts of warmth and colour amidst life’s hardship and challenges. In the middle of winter when its dark and isolating, you can go to an intimate show at Phog Lounge packed with super passionate and engaged people, waiting to hear someone’s new original song. You can make profound connections that end up lasting a lifetime at an ArtSpeak Gallery art show reception. You can challenge your expectations and be inspired witnessing people push artistic boundaries at a 4th Wall Music chamber performance.

Windsor has not only provided me with countless opportunities to develop my identity as a musician, but it has unwaveringly provided me with the network to develop my identity as an artist.

Could you share any exciting new projects or collaborations you have in the works?
Yes! I’m working on a full-length album. I’m hoping it will be ready for an early fall release date.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1lMyyiF7JeijXCfWKPs4qv?si=4t8-49chRfC9NXN1wF_sOw

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