Samantha FishSamantha Fish brought her Bulletproof Tour to St Andrews Hall Detroit this past Tuesday, March 26, and delivered an electrifying performance that left the enthusiastic Detroit crowd mesmerized. From her swampy blues guitar prowess to her sultry, soulful vocals, Fish commanded the stage with a confidence and charisma that was palpable from the moment she stepped out.

As the stylish blonde bombshell took to the stage in her glittering gold bell bottoms, she exuded an undeniable presence, immediately capturing the audience’s attention with her confident swagger. Armed with her cigar box guitar, Fish kicked off the evening with a powerful rendition of “Bulletproof,” setting the tone for an unforgettable night of blues-infused rock.


Throughout the performance, Fish showcased her incredible versatility as a musician, effortlessly transitioning between blistering blues-rock anthems like “Wild Heart” and “Better Be Lonely” to more soulful, introspective moments such as her haunting cover of “Chills and Fever.” It was evident that Fish’s mastery of her craft extended beyond her impressive guitar skills; her vocals, dripping with emotion and raw passion, captivated the audience with each note.

Midway through the set, Fish treated the crowd to a couple of acoustic numbers, including a breathtaking rendition of Gladys Knight’s “If I Were Your Woman.” Stripped down to the bare essentials, these intimate moments allowed Fish’s talent to shine even brighter, showcasing her ability to command the stage with nothing more than her voice and her guitar.

One of the highlights of the evening came during “Dream Girl,” a beautiful ballad that saw Fish deliver an extended guitar solo that left jaws dropping and hearts racing. Fish’s virtuosity on the guitar all evening was nothing short of awe-inspiring, earning her thunderous applause from the Detroit crowd.

As the night progressed, Fish kept the energy levels high with infectious tunes like “Po’ Black Mattie,” infusing each song with her signature blend of swagger and soul. And just when the crowd thought it couldn’t get any better, Fish closed out the evening with a high-octane encore performance of “Bitch on The Run,” joined on stage by opening act JD Simo for an explosive finale that left everyone craving more.

Opening the night was the psychedelic soul of JD Simo along with longtime drummer Adam Abrashoff. The power of this funky duo was undeniable as they tore through their set, best described as a blues/rock/funk fusion that sounded much bigger than you would imagine for two performers on stage. Their dynamic stage presence was a great warm-up and got the crowd thoroughly energized. This was my first exposure to JD Simo and I’d love to see one of his full shows at some point down the road.

Samantha Fish’s performance at St Andrews Hall Detroit was nothing short of spectacular. With her blistering guitar playing, soulful vocals, and magnetic stage presence, Fish proved again why she’s one of the most exciting talents in the blues-rock scene today. For the lucky attendees who witnessed her Bulletproof Tour firsthand, it was an unforgettable night filled with incredible music.

All photos by Dan Boshart

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