King-Henry-VWilliam Shakespeare’s work has been known for many many years. His unique style of old English writing is popular among the theatre community. Workshops are often held for actors to learn how to perform his complex and wordy stories.

Some of his famous pieces include; MacBeth, Romeo and Juliet and King Henry V. King Henry V is set in England in the early fifteenth century. It is filled with political tension, battles, rebellion and romance.


Windsor Ontario’s theatre company The Edge Productions decided to do a bit of a different take on King Henry V. An all-female cast! Eight talented actresses took on multiple roles in this two-hour and15 minute play. The women commanded the stage with every single one of their characters. Shakespeare is definitely not the easiest theatre to take on but all of the women did a marvelous job. They all stood tall, stood their ground and had a very empowering performance.

Robin Luckwaldt was the only actress who played one role, King Henry V. She spoke with confidence as she was a leader the stage. Robin had monologue, upon monologue of Shakespeare to memorize and she nailed every single word.

Something that the cast of King Henry V is doing that I personally think is absolutely amazing, is that they are going on tour! They opened here in Windsor for three performances then they hit the road to a few other venues in Ontario for one night only shows. You could tell of the actresses loved bringing an all-female version of the show to life and the fact that they are on tour is great! When you are involved with community theatre you are accustomed to performing in the same venues over and over again. I am sure the cast and crew will have a blast on the road as they explore new audiences, cities and stages.

I hope that his cast works together again in the future and brings more all-female productions to Windsor and other cities. They all showcased women empowerment and that is very important! Show dates for their traveling tour is listed below if you happen to be in the area or want to go for a road trip.


Robin Luckwaldt as King Henry V
Aine Donnelly as Fluellen, Grey and Alice
Celeste Maria Fiallos as Pistol, Scroop and Orleans
Marina Gomes as Gower, Cambridge, French Soldier/Mr Fer
Arielle Zamora as Exeter, French Governor and Bates
Olivia Ridpath as Westmoreland, Katherine, Constable and Boy
Rebecca Lashmar as Dauphin, Burgundy and Williams
Janine Marley as Montjoy, French Ambassador, Herald and King of France=

Directed by Miriam Goldstein
Assisted Directing by Molly Phillips

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