20240212-IMG_8379_edit (1) copySpongeBob SquarePants, the beloved porous and yellow fellow who has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, is ready to make a splash on the stage in Windsor Light Music Theatre’s highly anticipated production of “The SpongeBob Musical.” This vibrant and energetic show, based on the iconic Nickelodeon series, promises to immerse audiences in the colorful world of Bikini Bottom, where SpongeBob and his aquatic friends must come together to save their underwater home from a volcanic catastrophe. So, grab your scuba gear and get ready to dive into this whimsical adventure at The Chrysler Theatre, with performances running from May 3rd to May 12th.

Director Kathy Roberts, the visionary behind this ambitious undertaking, sat down with Variety to discuss the creative process and the magic that audiences can expect from this underwater extravaganza. “As a director, I’m always drawn to projects that offer a unique challenge and a chance to engage with audiences in a meaningful way,” Roberts shared. “The SpongeBob Musical presents an exciting opportunity to bring a beloved animated world to life on stage, offering a vibrant spectacle that is sure to captivate Windsor audiences of all ages.”


The SpongeBob Musical is based on the beloved Nickelodeon animated series created by Stephen Hillenburg. The show follows the adventures of SpongeBob SquarePants, a cheerful and optimistic sea sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea in the city of Bikini Bottom. When a nearby volcano threatens to erupt and destroy their underwater home, SpongeBob and his aquatic friends must come together to save the day. The musical features original songs by a diverse array of iconic artists including David Bowie, John Legend, Cyndi Lauper, Panic! At The Disco, and more, with a book by Kyle Jarrow and conceived by Tina Landau.

The SpongeBob Musical made its world premiere in June 2016 at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago. After a successful out-of-town tryout, the show transferred to Broadway, opening at the Palace Theatre in December 2017. The original Broadway production earned critical acclaim and 12 Tony Award nominations, including Best Musical. Following its Broadway run, The SpongeBob Musical embarked on a North American tour starting in 2019, bringing the colorful characters and catchy tunes to audiences across the United States and Canada. The musical has since been performed in regional and international productions, captivating theatre-goers of all ages with its humor, heart, and timeless message of friendship and community.

20240212-IMG_8353_edit (1) copyBeyond its entertainment value, Roberts emphasized the show’s important themes of friendship, community, and environmentalism. “This is no ordinary production,” she stated. “Beyond its entertainment value, the show carries important themes of friendship, community, and environmentalism, making it relevant and impactful for today’s audiences.”

The creative team behind “The SpongeBob Musical” has taken a collaborative approach to ensure that each character retains their essence while being reimagined for the stage. Roberts explained, “We’re incorporating innovative design elements, dynamic choreography, imaginative storytelling techniques and incredible visual elements to bring Bikini Bottom to life in a way that feels both familiar and fresh to audiences.”

One of the most exciting aspects of the musical is its eclectic soundtrack, featuring songs by iconic artists such as David Bowie, Cyndi Lauper, John Legend, Panic! At The Disco, and more. “The diverse musical styles featured in The SpongeBob Musical contribute to the richness and depth of the storytelling,” Roberts noted. “From rock anthems to pop ballads, each song adds a unique flavor to the narrative, enhancing the emotional journey of the characters and underscoring the themes of friendship, perseverance, and optimism.”

Audiences can expect a visually stunning production that transports them to the whimsical world of Bikini Bottom. “Our team has worked tirelessly to create elaborate sets, imaginative costumes, and dynamic lighting that captures the essence of the animated series while adding theatrical magic to the experience,” Roberts revealed.
The show’s lead actor, Justin Raisbeck, is set to bring SpongeBob’s quirky mannerisms and endearing personality to life on stage. “Justin’s dynamic performance won’t only delight audiences with every exuberant scene but also serves as a source of inspiration, reminding us all to approach life with a positive outlook and a sense of adventure,” Roberts praised.

The supporting cast is equally impressive, with Michael Roy as Patrick, Alex Raisbeck as Sandy, Matthew Dumouchel as Plankton, and Mario Caschera as Squidward. “Together with Justin as SpongeBob, these actors form a dynamic ensemble that drives the narrative forward and captivates audiences with their engaging performances,” Roberts said.
Choreographers Diana Cuckovic and Kate Reive have created dynamic dance numbers that complement the energy and excitement of the musical. “They’re incorporating a mix of styles and movements, from hip hop to tap, creating visually stunning sequences that enhance storytelling and immerse audiences in the world of Bikini Bottom,” Roberts explained.

Music director Nicholas Morvay’s expertise and passion are evident in his masterful direction of the complex score. “Nick’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensures that the music is not only technically impressive but also emotionally resonant, adding another layer of richness to the production,” Roberts commended.

A unique aspect of “The SpongeBob Musical” is the inclusion of a Foley artist, Connie Farrer, who will create and perform sound effects live during the performance. “Connie uses various props and techniques to produce sounds that enhance the audio experience for the audience, adding realism and depth to the production,” Roberts elaborated.
Transforming The Chrysler Theatre into Bikini Bottom has been a collaborative effort involving talented production and design teams. “Audiences can expect to be transported into the vibrant underwater world from the moment they enter the theatre,” Roberts promised. “Elaborate sets will recreate iconic locations such as SpongeBob’s pineapple house, the Krusty Krab, and Jellyfish Fields, immersing viewers in the whimsical charm of Bikini Bottom.”

20240212-IMG_8453_edit (2) copySpongeBob’s optimism shines through in every aspect of the musical, from the energetic performances to the uplifting musical numbers. “Despite facing challenges and setbacks, SpongeBob and his friends approach every situation with a positive attitude and a determination to overcome obstacles,” Roberts emphasized. “The characters’ unwavering optimism and resilience serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of hope, perseverance, and friendship.”

Astute fans of the animated series should keep an eye out for subtle references and nods to iconic moments from the show. “Keep an eye out for clever visual gags and Easter eggs scattered throughout the production, adding an extra layer of delight for fans of all ages,” Roberts hinted.

As opening night approaches, Roberts shared her final thoughts on what audiences can expect from this underwater adventure. “Before diving into Bikini Bottom with Windsor Light, I want audiences to know that they’re in for a truly unforgettable experience filled with laughter, heart, and adventure,” she expressed. “Whether you’re a longtime fan of SpongeBob or discovering the character for the first time, our production offers something for everyone to enjoy.”

“The SpongeBob Musical” is set to make a splash on the Windsor stage. So, grab your scuba gear and prepare to dive into the whimsical world of Bikini Bottom with Windsor Light Music Theatre. Tickets for “The SpongeBob Musical” are available now, with prices ranging from $35 to $50 (plus fees). Zone A seats are $40, Zone B seats are $38, Zone C seats are $35, and Zone D seats are $50. To purchase tickets or for more information, please contact the Chrysler Theatre Box Office at www.chryslertheatre.com. Don’t wait – get your tickets today and be part of this unforgettable underwater adventure!

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