Andrew HyattIn an industry often defined by swift rises and even swifter falls, Andrew Hyatt is a testament to the power of resilience and reinvention. A country music artist based out of Sudbury, he is carving out a space for himself on the global stage, powered by his potent mix of raw talent and relentless determination. His latest release, “Still Somethin’,” a bonus track on his highly admired EP Four Good Years, promises to be another high note in his evolving career.

“Life is full of nostalgic moments that are earmarked with great songs and memories tied together,” Hyatt shared. “This song, ‘Still Somethin’,’ brings me back to all of those moments and songs.”


In his words, one senses the profound love and appreciation Hyatt holds for his craft, along with an understanding of its ability to connect us to our past. It’s a reflection on the power of music, a vivid memory catalogue of the significant moments of his life.

The journey to “Still Somethin'” wasn’t without hurdles. Produced by Scott Cooke, known for his work with Chase Rice and Dallas Smith, the song was initially shelved after its initial recording.

“We originally recorded this song before I had my vocal surgery in 2021. It just didn’t hit right, so we sat on it for a while,” Hyatt explained.

The surgery marked a critical point in his career. Faced with a vocal condition that threatened his ability to sing, Hyatt underwent a procedure that was not just a physical recovery but also a mental battle.

“The mental part of recovery is still a challenge,” he revealed. “There’s a lot of anxiety around singing for me now. I’m still learning to trust my voice. It takes a lot of work to get on stage or in front of a microphone… but I’m working through that.”

The experience was transformative, leading to a renewed appreciation for his musical career and a deeper understanding of himself as an artist. As he emerged from the ordeal, “Still Somethin'” took on a new life. He revisited the song, and this time it resonated: “Post surgery, I re-sang it, and it became a favorite of mine.”

Hyatt’s new single showcases an audible shift toward rock, an influence that traces back to his early love for the genre.

“I mean if you go back and listen to ‘I NEEDED THAT,’ you’ll hear that we’ve been leaning into rock for a long time,” he pointed out, indicating a carefully considered evolution in his musical style.

Indeed, Hyatt’s sound is a unique blend of his past experiences across Christian rock, alt-rock, and punk, creating a dynamic stage presence. “I think it influences me mostly on stage. I never stand still. I’m always trying to keep the energy at a 10,” he added, highlighting how these varied influences contribute to his electrifying performances.

His EP Four Good Years is another testament to his musical skill and personal journey, with each track offering a unique narrative. The title track, when presented in an acoustic version, stands out. “I always love tracking an acoustic version of a song. I feel like I’ve lived with the songs longer by the time we get to making them. In my opinion, my vocal is stronger in the acoustic version,” he expressed.

Fans can look forward to two new albums in the pipeline, each showcasing another side of Hyatt’s personal and musical journey. One will focus on his experiences with separation, while the other will feature full-band performances. Hyatt, never one to shy away from baring his soul, excitedly announced, “Can’t wait to spill my guts to the world.”

His awards, including the Rising Star award at the 2022 Canadian Country Music Association Awards, and touring experiences with country music luminaries like Dallas Smith, Dean Brody, and Tim Hicks, reveal his commitment to growth and learning. Hyatt shares, “I’ve learned that being a good human is the secret to lasting power.”

Hyatt’s journey, marked by resilience and a deep love for music, continues to inspire. Follow his journey on Instagram (@theandrewhyatt), Facebook (/AndrewHyattMusic), Twitter (@AndrewHyattBand), or on his website at Hyatt continues to remind us that, in life and music, there’s always “still somethin'” to discover, appreciate, and anticipate.


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