University Players Tinker Bell 2022University Players are currently presenting their production of Tinker Bell, adapted by Patrick Flynn, based on the works of J. M. Barrie, directed by Lee Wilson. It’s on until December 4 at Essex Hall Theatre at the University of Windsor.

This is a classic tale of a young boy named Peter Pan who refuses to grow up and is in search for a new mother; however, the story is told from the famous fairy’s perspective.  During Peter’s search, Tink and Peter meet Wendy and her brothers and take them back to Neverland. While Peter, Tinker Bell and the gang battle the infamous Captain Hook to protect their home, they discover Tinker Bell’s origin story and the reason why Neverland became such a magical place. With puppets, pirates, and one gigantic hungry crocodile, brace yourself for magical and amusing family fun.


The entire cast was phenomenal and radiated with expertise. Georgie Savoie is a star. She did Tinker Bell so well that one would almost say she was born for the role. With equal amounts of charm and sass, she did the main character justice. Annie Roberts was fabulous as the main protagonists and gave the perfect balance of being a free-spirit and having a mischievous attitude that the character has. Katherine Docherty was a superb choice for Wendy, serving an imaginative, mature, and well-rounded version of this persona. Justin Mendler was the clear choice to play the main antagonist, Captain Hook. He managed to make the character both loveable and terrifying, while showcasing skill and wit.

The lighting was so effective that it added a sense of magic to the entire production. From sparkling lights when characters gained their ability to fly, to full red lighting for a battle scene, add this with video projections of beautiful scenery – it serviced the production in the best way. The props and sets were very minimal and simple, but adapted excellently in a way where one wouldn’t even notice how little they needed. The costuming and makeup were a visual feast, full of texture, both beautiful and vibrant – you knew exactly who the actors were portraying just by looking at them.

I would absolutely recommend seeing Tinker Bell. This is my second time attending one of their shows and I was just as impressed as I was the first time. The actors are professional and incredibly talented, and there is nothing amateur or clinically educational about this show; Tinker Bell was an absolute delight and must-see for all ages.

If you don’t believe in fairies now, after this show, you will.

Tinker Bell continues this weekend, until December 4. Tickets are available at University Players (Essex Hall Theatre, 401 Sunset Ave, Windsor, ON), by phone at (519) 253-3000 ext. 2808, on the University Players Web Site.

University Players Tinker Bell 2022

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