Bluesfest WindsorBluesfest Windsor has announced its opening night concert for the 2019 festival and it’s expected to be a bangin’ good time. The 90s Throwback tour featuring returning 90s stars Vanilla Ice, C&C Music Factory with Freedom Williams, Rob Base and Young MC, will come back to the Windsor Waterfront on Friday, July 5, along with first time festival visitors Tone Lōc and 2 Live Crew.

Last year, Vanilla Ice and the gang surprised many when they brought out the largest crowd of the entire festival when more than 8,000 fans partied to the retro rap sounds. That tour also featured Naughty By Nature, who are not returning with the 2019 tour, but have been replaced by Tone-Loc and 2 Live Crew.

Tone Loc


Tone Lōc was the second rap act ever to reach #1 on Billboard’s album charts. His album Lōc’d After Dark (1989) spawned the hit singles “Wild Thing” and “Funky Cold Medina”; they remain Lōc’s best-known tunes. After recording his 1991 follow-up album, Cool Hand Lōc, the singer put his familiar raspy voice to work on TV and in film, landing roles on TV and in films like Jim Carrey‘s breakthrough flick Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994) and the animated sci-fi epic Titan A.E. (2000).

The members of The 2 Live Crew have been responsible for some of the hottest titles in the history of rap music. They have earned one double platinum album, two platinum albums, two gold albums, three chart topping singles and sales of over ten million units. The 2 Live Crew also had single tracks included on the “New Jack City”, “Boyz In The Hood” , and “Friday” sound tracks.

Tone Loc2 Live Crew are a pioneering hip-hop outfit whose pornographic lyrics put the booty in booty bass. Largely as a result of the controversy continually surrounding them, they achieved great commercial success with hit songs Me So Horny, Banned in the USA and Pop That Coochie. The group became the target of attacks from ring-wing groups like the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC), which slammed them as obscene.

Vanilla Ice became the first white rapper to top the pop singles chart with his hit Ice Ice Baby. The rapper eventually switched gears and became a professional jet-skier and reality television star. Last year, Ice had the crowd pumped. Highlights included Play That Funky Music, a little nod to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and his massive number one hit Ice

Ice Baby, which was bumped up to sound like a modern dance song.

Vanilla Ice

90s rap star Vanilla Ice with a plethora of female fans on stage at Bluesfest Windsor on July 15, 2018.

Freedom Williams is the featured rapper in C&C Music Factory hits like Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now), Things That Make You Go Hmmm and Here We Go (Let’s Rock & Roll). Last year he performed his set in the pouring rain as thousands got drenched as they danced to those massive hits.

Rapper Rob Base is known for his hits It Takes Two, Get on the Dance Floor and Joy and Pain. He partnered with the late DJ E-Z Rock in Harlem, and together they released three albums. The 1988 hit single It Takes Two uses samples from several known artists. His music is featured on the soundtrack of the 2010 superhero film, Iron Man 2.

Young MC (Marvin Young) is one of the most globally acclaimed and widely recognized talents in all of hip hop. His biggest hit was the song Bust A Move which helped earn him the Billboard Award for the Best New Pop Artist as well as the American Music Award for Best Rap Artist and a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance. He was also a co-writer on the Tone Lōc hits Wild Thing and Funky Cold Medina.

Early Bird tickets start at $35 and are available just in time for a surprise Christmas Stocking Stuffer at Bluesfest Windsor has been expanded from one-long weekend to two weekends and will run July 5-6 and 12 and 13 at Riverfront Festival Plaza in Windsor, across from Caesars, along the Detroit River.

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