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Get ready to laugh, cry, and call your mama, because “Lessons from my Mother” is the heartwarming play we all need right now. Written by local playwright Rebecca S. Mickle, this one-act wonder delves into the unbreakable bonds between mothers and daughters. Inspired by true stories from Mickle’s own mother and grandmother, the play promises to be a relatable and poignant tribute to the power of motherhood. Catch the Windsor Feminist Theatre production from May 10th to 12th at Sho Art, Spirit & Performance.

“One day I was talking with my mother about her grandmother and it struck me that these were really interesting stories. Stories that deserved to be notated and preserved before they were lost,” Mickle shares. “But then it occurred to me that other people may want to hear these stories. They may find them interesting or relatable. And that’s where the idea began to form.”


Bringing “Lessons from my Mother” to life has been a labor of love for Mickle. Through heart-to-heart talks with her mother and grandmother, she uncovered a treasure trove of tales that not only shed light on their experiences but also brought them closer together as a family. The play seamlessly weaves together these stories, jumping through time as each woman shares defining moments from their lives.

“Deciding what stories to include was difficult because there were so many!” Mickle admits. “But I kept the stories that matched the overall theme I wanted the play to have. And I peppered in a couple dramatized scenes to help tie everything together.”

One of the most special aspects of “Lessons from my Mother” is the casting. Mickle herself takes on the role of the narrator, while her own mother, Cynthia Mickle, portrays the grandmother. Close friend Mary Grace Weir rounds out this intimate ensemble, creating a truly authentic experience for the audience.

“I had never intended on being in this play. I wanted to sit back and watch other people play out my life but one thing led to another and I ended up having to step into the role,” Mickle reveals. “It is interesting to watch people process and interpret your words because you have an idea in your head of what they’re supposed to sound like but I trusted everyone with my play and I am very happy with how everything has turned out. I think it’s beautiful.”

At its core, “Lessons from my Mother” is a celebration of the resilience and strength of women across generations. The play touches on the evolving expectations society places on women and how those expectations have shaped the lives of Mickle’s family members.

“It was interesting to see how starkly different the expectations for me were compared to my mother and her mother before her,” Mickle reflects. “It seems like it was only one generation that made the change but I think it is often a slow and steady road. Looking back at the stories you can see the seeds of change were planted generations before me. It just took time for them to grow.”

Under the nurturing direction of Linda Collard, “Lessons from my Mother” promises to be a heartwarming and thought-provoking production. Collard’s vision has elevated Mickle’s script, adding depth and nuance to the already powerful storytelling.

“Linda has been very respectful of the vision of the script. But she’s taken it to places I hadn’t thought of and it’s wonderful,” Mickle praises. “I had written it as a black box play with no stage direction so all of the stage direction you see is her.”

As the play prepares to open on May 10th, Mickle hopes that audiences, especially mothers and daughters, will leave the theatre with a renewed appreciation for their own family stories and the unbreakable bonds that tie generations together.

“I hope the play will encourage them to learn more about each other and their family history. Understanding why we are the way we are and why we do things is liberating,” Mickle shares.

Catch this moving tribute to the power of motherhood and the enduring strength of women at the Windsor Feminist Theatre from May 10th to 12th at Sho Art, Spirit & Performance. The Mother’s Day performance on May 12th even includes a special high tea experience, making it the perfect outing to share with the leading ladies in your life. So grab your mom, grandma, sister, or chosen family and head to Sho Art, Spirit & Performance for a play that will make you laugh, cry, and want to call home.

After all, mom knows best.


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