Once-Youve-Found-ItAre you ready to get your Fringe on?

The Windsor-Walkerville Fringe begins this weekend at Olde Walkerville Theatre with eight productions over 10-days featuring performers from cities like Windsor, Toronto, London and Kathmandu, Nepal. It’s a chance to check out some productions that the city might not have otherwise had the opportunity to watch. This year’s festival will feature thoughtful and insightful theatre, magic, a musical, contemporary dance and stand-up comedy. There really is something for everyone.


Fringe is a great experience not only for the audience, but for the actors and producers as well.

“Fringe is like summer camp for theatre people,” says Donovan Jackson, the producer, playwright, and actor behind Once You Found It, coming to the festival this year. “It’s a great opportunity for people to take risks and come up with some fantastic moments of live performance. While accepting opportunities that come up unexpectedly, Reverie Theatre will be producing Once You’ve Found It as a feature production in Toronto.”

The Windsor-Walkerville Fringe Festival is a member of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals which guarantees that the artists involved receive 100% of ticket revenue and it does not subject the artist’ work to jury approval or censor it in any way.  Theatre companies are selected by non-judicial means and work within the technical guidelines of the Fringe Festival to produce their own art.  Festival patrons enjoy physically and financially accessible arts experiences and the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogues with artist and fellow Fringe patrons.

Schedules for the 2018 productions can be found on the Windsor-Walkerville Fringe Festival website. Tickets for all shows will be available at the door or online at www.windsorwalkervillefringefest.com.

This year’s shows include:

Absolute Magic, Keith Brown (London)

Keith Brown performs extraordinary feats of magic unlike anything you have ever experienced.  His show fuses mystery, wonder and storytelling in an intimate and interactive theatre setting. Keith uses everyday objects to produce miracles.  “As a magician, I nurture the seeds of impossibility so that they flourish into … the unimaginable, amazement and wonder.”

Durga, Nepal Academy of Music and Drama (Kathmandu)

The fierce, protective DURGA is the mother-goddess of the Hindu faith. As a warrior, she combats evil and the demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity and the Dharma of good people. When the king of Asura, Mahishasura, amassed a great army to invade neighbouring kingdoms, becoming the evil overlord of the earth, Mother Parvati, the wife of Shiva, becomes Durga, killing Mahisasura to restore peace and order to the land.

Hooked, Pepper Dance Projects (Toronto)

Through contemporary dance and jazz, Hooked takes a look at seven characters and their ability/inability to function with their own increasingly addictive dependencies. It explores the possibility of a dependency-free world and the ensuing chaos that develops once the characters are left with their own insecurities. What happens when the things we put so much value into are taken away? How do we cope? Do we?

Once You’ve Found It, Reverie Theatre (Toronto)

Reverie Theatre explores the craft of theatre through the development of original works via an inclusive, collaborative approach. It strives to create challenging, introspective pieces that inspire discourse and reflection among its audience members.  Toronto performer Donovan Jackson’s one-man monologue offers us the tale of Bruce, a young man whose parents died when he was young.  Bruce now struggles with depression as he looks for love and happiness.  Reverie Theatre is pleased to unveil the latest version of Once You’ve Found It at the Windsor-Walkerville Fringe Festival.

Red, The Untold Story, Abridged Opera (Windsor)

A musical, Red, The Untold Story tells the backstory of the Queen of Hearts of Alice in Wonderland fame.  Galora is a cunning and ambitious woman whose rise to the throne renders her even more power-hungry, resulting in the rebellion of her subjects and the devastation of her relationship with beloved sister, Alice (who predates the one we know). Red was composed by 12-year-old Elise Holbrook.

That’s What She Said, Michelle Mainwaring (Windsor)

An award-winning, professional actor for over 25 years, Michelle can currently be seen starring in Windsor’s ‘Rum Runner’s Tour’ which has four Awards of Excellence to its credit.  In this one-woman, stand-up comedy, Michelle will be stepping on the boards to perform a pleasantly quirky, interactive show, exploring rib-tickling topics like what would happen when women take over the world, the American state of affairs and the challenges of being a parent in the digital world.  This show guarantees to put a smile on your face and a laugh in your heart. After winning the “Best of Fringe” and the “Patrons’ Pick” awards in Windsor’s very first Fringe Festival, she and her cast continued a successful tour in nine cities throughout Ontario and in Vancouver.

The Session, Things Falling Apart (Toronto)

A one-woman show written and directed by Tien Providence, The Session is performed by Rais Clarke-Mendez who takes you on an emotional roller-coaster ride. The Session tells the story of ex-sex worker, Leslie Haydn Burke, a young woman accused of murdering her lover in a violent rage.  She claims not to remember how she did it and is ordered to undergo a psychiatric assessment to find out if she is fit to stand trial.  This company’s mandate is to produce works by African-Canadian-Caribbean writers.

Theatre 101, Revolution Youth Theatre (Windsor)

A youthful cast presents this interactive exploration of the backstage experiences of live theatre. Come along as our hero struggles through his first, terrifying audition. Our hero encounters some very colourful characters along the way.  Learn along with the cast, as they are taught the basics of making theatre before an audience. Theatre 101 makes learning about theatre fun.



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