SpinSSpinS is a difficult show to describe. It’s part circus, part mime, part clown, part performance art and part chaos. Maybe that’s the point though – a little bit of mayhem.

Janoah Bailin starts out with a cool way to set the stage, by using his one-wheeled companion, the unicycle. While on the uni, he reaches into his bag and pulls random things out and places them all around the stage. Not everything the audience sees will make sense until the props are used later on in the show.


Be prepared for oodles of funny bits. Situational humour is at the forefront, like how to get from one spot on the stage to another without Janoah’s feet touching the stage (reminding me of the “floor is lava” game we played as kids). There is also plenty of interactive audience work, to groan-worthy puns.

Janoah shows some superb juggling skill using balls and rings. His diabolo work was pretty impressive too. Best though, was his work with clubs (which also has a nice tie-in with the name of the show, but no spoilers for you!)

I appreciated some of the interesting artistic explorations, like the eyeball coloured balls and some unusual feet and leg work (again, you’ll have to see the show to fully grasp what I’m talking about). I was slightly disappointed though that these segments were not expanded upon, as I was wanting more. Maybe in future performances he’ll do just that.

SpinS is not your usual flashy juggling show at all. There are no strict boundaries to adhere by, just an unrestricted flow of energy, story-telling and creativity for all.

You can catch more performances of SpinS at the Windsor Walkerville Fringe Festival. The festival runs until May 26. For prices, times and venues, visit the Fringe website.

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