Zack MiranowicThe music of New Jersey’s Zack Miranowic is a symphony of reflection. His latest single, “Seems Like Yesterday,” reverberates with the shared experiences of the human soul — moments of realization, loss, nostalgia, and the future’s inevitable uncertainty.

“‘Seems Like Yesterday’ was inspired by those moments in life that hit you,” Zack reveals, seated in his cozy Southampton studio, surrounded by instruments that he plays with a master’s touch. “You also realize how many new people you’ve met along the way and how many big decisions you have had to make to get to where you are. In the heat of it all, it feels like forever, but in hindsight, it seems like it was literally yesterday.”


The evocative guitar chords, paired with his authentic and deeply emotive vocals, evoke memories, and rouse souls. Each note beckons the listener to embark on a journey through time, both personal and universal.

Zack’s vast experience across different bands and genres adds layers to his compositions. From the hard rock of Sekond Skyn and Disciples Of Verity (featuring Corey Glover) to the ethereal art-rock of Riversend, Zack has been on a prolific journey of musical exploration. Yet, his solo work stands as a testament to his personal musings, offering a unique blend of blues, heavy metal, southern rock, and jazz fusion.

“My solo project lets me be totally myself,” Zack says with a gleam of passion in his eyes. “Working with other musicians is a rewarding experience, but sometimes you just want to do what you want without worrying if someone else will try to change your vision. Over the years I’ve learned to appreciate many musical styles and have tried my hardest to adapt what I can into my guitar playing and songwriting. Obviously, you should maintain the core of what makes you who you are, but you should always be willing to throw a little something new out there occasionally to keep it fresh. When you do that, you get something totally new, unique, and exciting.”

Zack’s debut album, “Fear”, released in 2022, delves into emotions and concerns that have long sat with him. “Each song represents a fear of mine that manifests itself in one big collection of ideas,” he shares, recounting the underlying themes of his songs, from the anxiety of unforeseen challenges in ‘Misfortune’ to the liberation from negativity in ‘Fading Out.’

“For example, ‘Misfortune’ is about when life is going great, but worrying about when the tables will turn on you again,” he points out. “Worrying about life’s unknowns and what is going to go wrong in the very near future.  Another example is ‘Fading Out’. A message that conveys that sometimes you need to find the strength to take a step back and separate from things or even people that are causing you stress and negativity in your life.”

However, the upcoming EP “Cryin’ Out” promises a thematic shift. “‘Cryin’ Out’ focuses on making choices. Whether to live your life in the light or in the dark. Choosing to look at the positives or harp on the negatives,” Zack elaborates.

His versatility is not only evident in his musical compositions but also in his adaptability to the changing musical landscape. “Music has become more universal with more emphasis on D.I.Y. As a musical artist these days, you seemingly must be a jack of all trades,” he remarks, discussing the holistic approach required in today’s industry.

His journey with Riversend, an ethereal duet started with his girlfriend, Olivia Horovitz, adds another dimension to his repertoire. “Our vision was to convey a haunting and emotional musical atmosphere. We wanted to create a blend inspired by Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, and The Cranberries,” he fondly recalls.

While Zack continues to contribute to multiple projects, it’s his solo endeavors that provide a raw, unfiltered glimpse into his soul. When asked about the reaction he hopes “Seems Like Yesterday” would evoke, he replies, “I think the listener will feel a little somber, reflective, and maybe even nostalgic. Hopefully, they can think forward to a more positive life ahead.”

In a world that often rushes past in a blur, Zack Miranowic’s “Seems Like Yesterday” offers a poignant pause, inviting us to savor the past while looking ahead with hope.

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