RedProduced by Abridged Opera Company, RED is a musical that tells the back story of the Queen of Hearts. It performs at the Windsor-Walkerville Fringe Festival in 2018.

Galora is a cunning and ambitious woman whose rise to the throne renders her even more power-hungry, resulting in the rebellion of her subjects.  Her kind-hearted younger sister, Alice (who predates the one we know), is troubled by the changes in Galora. Alice’s friendship with Mika, the son of the leader of the rebellion, is threatened by and threatens the struggle between the throne and Wonderland’s citizens. Many characters from Lewis Carroll’s classic are woven into this original work, such as the Jaberwock, the caterpillar, and the palace card guards.  This Fringe performance will feature excerpts from the musical, showcasing its high drama and compelling music. Written for orchestra, RED will be performed here by an ensemble of accomplished young local musicians, including 12-year-old composer Elise Holbrook on piano.


Please give us the 1-minute elevator speech about your show:
RED is a back story of the Queen of Hearts from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. We see her rise to the throne and the negative effects her newfound power has on her and the citizens of Wonderland. There are battles, love stories, deaths — everything you want in a musical! RED is a musical-in-progress so this Fringe show is an opportunity to workshop part of the project. The audience will be welcome to offer suggestions.

Who is involved in putting your show together?
The Abridged Opera Company is producing the show. My vocal teacher, Erin Armstrong, had the idea to put it in the Fringe. Alyssa Epp and Kaitlyn Karns have done a lot of organizing and directing. You will hear some local opera / musical stars in the show.The Music Moves Kids choir is the wonderful chorus.

Please tell us about yourself:
I live in Leamington. I am going into grade 8 this year. I love composing and musical theatre, of course! I play piano, tenor saxophone, and am starting ukulele. I also love visual art.

Is this your first Fringe production?
No! Music Moves Kids performed the children’s opera Brundibar at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016. I played Katze.

What does Fringe mean to you?
The Fringe is a positive, welcoming place to perform. You can even workshop a new project, like I am doing, and that’s a great opportunity and experience.

Aside from Fringe, what are you up to this year?
I loved playing Grimsby in Little Tomatoes Children’s Theatre’s production of The Little Mermaid in May. I’m working on grade 7 piano. I am having my deflected septum operated on the day after this show ends. And I’m excited to audition for Walkerville high school this fall!

Red performs at the Fringe on:

July 24 – 5:30pm
July 25 – 6:00pm

Tickets are available at the Fringe website.

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