Revolution Youth Theatre is a theatre company in Windsor dedicated to providing an enriching environment for young actors to learn and develop their skills. It’s a charitable organization offering youth ages 12 to 21, in the area, an opportunity to experience the thrill of being part of a theatre company at no cost to them. The company’s Fringe debut is Theatre 101, an educational piece written, directed and performed by the RYT students. It continues at the Windsor-Walkerville Fringe on Friday and Saturday.

Theatre 101 was everything I expected. It was a fun little romp into the behind the scenes world of theatre – from the first “Cold Read” at the audition to the final “Curtain Call” (see, I was paying attention!).


In the play we meet a trio of characters who audition and manage to score roles in a local theatre production. One of them lands the lead role, another gets a secondary role and a third ends up in the ensemble. Wie learn about all the various technical terms used and we’re even given visual descriptions of terms like spiking and marking (you’ll have to attend to find out what all the terms mean).

It was a light and cute show with a fun feel and vibe, almost like an old Electric Company skit – and just like the old 1970s TV Show, everyone walked away not only entertained, but also a little bit smarter.

At only $5, this one is a great Fringe value, with lots of great dialog, a well written concept and some nifty characters. The next shows are Friday (July 27) at 3:30 pm and Saturday (July 28) at 4:30pm.

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