Awolnation brought their indie electronic rock sounds to The Fillmore in Detroit on Tuesday, February 13, along with friends Irontom and Nothing But Thieves from England.

Aaron Bruno, donning a beard, a wide brimmed hat and a cape with ‘the runts’ written on his back, came out to an eager crowd and a dark stage decorated with plants.


They opened with the title track of their third studio album Here Come The Runts and the Detroit crowd was moving! The Awolnation lineup included Irons and Saslow who brought the same energy to Awolnation as they do to Irontom, but on the bigger stage and under the brighter lights, and proving that Irontom is a band you want to keep on your radar, because you will certainly be hearing more from them in the future. Hollow Moon, Kill Your Heroes, Not Your Fault, oh my! The setlist was jam-packed with hit after hit after hit causing the audience to sing, and more often than not, scream along until voices were lost or they were knocked unconscious by a crowd surfer, whichever happens first.

But if you were not kicked in the head by a crowd surfing dude in a ‘Detroit vs Everybody’ t-shirt, then you were still at risk of facing a strobe light induced seizure from the bright lights pointed directly at the onlookers. Which in my opinion is just another ingredient of a kickass rock show! They ended their set with the song Sail and a message about not giving up on your dreams, which are just two more of the ingredients included in the Awolnation recipe for cooking up a kickass Detroit Rock City level rock show.

Irontom was the first on the stage and warmed the crowd up with a combination of high energy and high volume that had the Detroit crowd primed and ready to rock. Singer, Harry Hayes, and guitarist, Zach Irons have a chemistry that’s sure to leave the word Irontom at the top of mind for any spectator lucky enough to witness one of their live performances. The sound is glued together, polished off, and delivered to the audience by the rhythm section – keyboardist, Daniel Saslow, and drummer Dyl Williams.

Nothing But Thieves had the audience singing along to familiar tunes but only offered a shortened set that left the crowd even hungrier for loud rock music.


Photos by Kevin Blondin (Sound & City Photography)

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