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It’s been said that evil never rests. In the case of Vancouver rapper Evil Ebenezer that might very well be true. With nearly as many albums and EPs to his credit as years he’s been performing, Evil isn’t slowing down quite yet. The west coast rap icon returns to Windsor Thursday (March 1) for a show at Rockstar Music Hall.

He’ll be performing tunes from his next album Bandit, scheduled for release on March 16. It will be his ninth full-length release, not including four EPs, several guest appearances and a 2014 compilation.


“The new album has a much more mature sound than I did when I first started in 2005,” Evil told YQG Rocks in a phone interview from the road in Sault Ste. Marie. “Some of those songs on Call Me Evil were the first songs I’d ever written. On the new album, you’ll be hearing from someone who’s been around the block, per se – someone a bit more seasoned. I’m definitely a better songwriter now – well, at least you’d hope so after 13 years of doing it.”

Evil tends to put a lot of himself into his songs, whether stories of life in general or personal accounts that have happened to him. The personal touch is what makes Evil a Canadian go-to rapper when you talk about the genre.

“I think most of my songs are a bit biographical,” he said. “Straight Down the Line is an autobiography song. You know I haven’t made a million dollars – maybe I will someday, but that was never the goal for me. I just wanted something to take care of my family and myself. It’s been about the music.”

Evil’s music has reached a strong dedicated core of fans across the country who love the power, energy and messages in the songs.

“I get people who come up to me or a message that they have been through a hard time and a certain song or a certain lyric has really helped them,” Evil revealed. “I remember being young. Music in my time was really important and I could never really imagine going up and talking to an artist that I really liked at that time. I think it’s a lot more accessible now for people to get closer to their musical heroes and now those heroes can be more approachable in many different ways. I like that part about it. It makes you feel like you’re doing something that’s important to them, even if it’s very small.”

After the Bandit tour concludes in Toronto on March 4, Evil is taking a bit break to welcome a new member to his family.

“I have a baby coming in March and I’ll be taking a little break to celebrate that,” he said. “That’s why I’m touring now. Touring is hard work and it’s difficult when you’re away from your family for months at a time. There’s still the album coming out and a new video as well, but I just won’t be on the road for a bit.”

Evil will be joined by a few guests at the Rockstar show, including Special Guest: Robbie G, JYAY, Verbal, Nu Breed, Deyo (EZ$), Rebellious Youth Of Theory, JMBK, Matty Tee and Line3. Tickets are available online for $10 or $15 at the door.

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