Anthrax Detroit 2022

Anthrax Detroit 2022

It was a bustling downtown Detroit Saturday night as the Tigers were just wrapping up a game at home. There was a country concert going on next door, a pop band playing down the street, but the only Sold-Out show in town was the 40th Anniversary concert for the thrash metal giants Anthrax at The Fillmore Detroit.

The kings of bringing the noise sure brought it plus their friends in Black Label Society and Hatebreed. As the venue filled and the drinks were poured it was nice to see such a diverse group of metal heads all packed into the beautiful Fillmore. From old biker types to clean cut lawyers to parents bringing their kids to their first metal show, they were all on hand. I swear I even seen a few Eddie Munson’s from Stranger Things as well.

Hatebreed Detroit 2022

Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed live at the Fillmore in Detroit on Aug. 20, 2022. Photo by Maximus Reid.

Starting out the night was the metalcore maniac’s Hatebreed, with their loyal fan base and heavy hits they warmed the crowed right up and very fast, it was like a match was lit the minute they got onstage. They may have been the openers, but they could have headlined their own show with they the crowd was sings along with every word. Busting their way through a 17-song set with an Exodus Cover of “Bonded by Blood” and their song “Last Breath” dedicated to Waterford Michigan’s own Trevor Strnad singer of The Black Dahlia Murder. Hatebreed brought everything they had that night, and you felt the heat.

Black Label Society Detroit 2022

Father Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society live at the Fillmore in Detroit on Aug. 20, 2022. Photo by Maximus Reid.

If the room wasn’t hot enough yet, it was about to get a lot warmer. As Black Label Society and their fearless leader the Viking Guitar God Zakk Wylde and his band of marry misfits were about to light a match to this place. And watch it all burn down, for the sake of insane riffs, a bass line to rattle your ribs, and harmonics like we haven’t heard ever. The Detroit Chapter of the Berzerkers were in full effect tonight and waiting for everything BLS was about to throw at them. In their 12-Song packed set they dropped the curtain to fan favorite “Funeral Bells”, then torching the place down with “Destroy and Conquer”, “Overlord”, “Heart of Darkness”, “A Love Unreal” and “You Made Me Want to Live”. Into that break Zakk came out and had the crowed honour Dime Bag Darrell on his birthday with the singing of Happy Birthday from everyone in attendance.

Sitting down at the piano for a softer side of BLS they started running through “In this River” as drop-down huge photos of the late Abbott brothers Dime and his brother Vinnie Paul from legendary band Pantera. Its well-known at this point that Zakk Wylde and Anthrax’s drummer Charlie Benante will be hitting the road at some point with Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown to honor the music of Pantera with a few shows coming up at a future date. Finishing out their set with shots of Co2 letting us know the slow songs and remembrance were over and it was time to go Berzerk again with songs like “Trampled Down Below”, “Set You Free”, “Suicide Messiah” and the closer and my favorite “Stillborn”. Zakk and Company left it all out on the stage. Detroit was on fire and burning quick.

Anthrax Detroit 2022

Frank Bello of Anthrax live at The Fillmore in Detroit on Aug. 20, 2022.

While the match was lit, and the fire was burning Anthrax was getting ready to blow the lid off this place. After 40 years of thrashing all over this world to legions of fans worldwide tonight was Detroit’s night to feel the immense power of Anthrax’s 40th Anniversary. Before their set started, we got a white drop cloth screen with everyone from Chuck D, Rob Zombie, Dee Snider and even Keanu Reeves congratulating Anthrax on their 40 years and how much they love them. Bringing with them a catalog of original material that could burn your ears off, they went balls to the walls with the fire starter “Among the Living”. Then fan favs “Caught in a Mosh”, “Madhouse”, “Metal Trashing Mad” as the band when all out wild as Bassist Frank Bello was on the top risers above Charlie just losing his mind.

As Scott Ian and Joey Belladonna ride shoulder to shoulder bringing everyone to a bloody fury as Jonathan Donais holds down the fort at rhythm. From there the guys keep turning up the thermostat with the classic off their 1990’s album Persistence of Time the sluggie starting “Keep it in the Family” that end with a full fist to the face. One of my all-time favorite covers “Antisocial” originally by the band (Trust) done to perfection by Anthrax and they had all the fans singing right along. 40 years of perfecting their craft can they come out with so many powerful tunes and just rip through them with such electricity. Keeping with getting the crowd involved they broke into “I am the law” with chugging riffs and back and forth lyrics with the crowd chanting I am the law. Scott Ian looked completely locked in and possessed by this point. Scott Ian was ready for a total assault on your ears as he ripped you apart. Getting ready to set the trigger and blow this place up they marched into “In the End” and “Only” before opening with (Pantera’s Domination Breakdown) before running into “Got the Time”.

It was an all-out celebration for Dimebag in Detroit for his Birthday. Closing out their set they gave us a good taste of their classic hit with Public Enemy “Bring the Noise” before running into the final song “Indians” to bring everyone to a fever pitch and total melt down. 40 years of Thrash was celebrated that night in Detroit. Go Check them out before the tour has burnt down for good.

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Anthrax / Black Label Society / Hatebreed
The Filmore
Detroit, MI
August 20, 2022

All photos by Maximus Reid


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Photo: Maximus Reid
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