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Stuart and I just got our copy of 5,000 Ways You Know You’re From Detroit. This collector’s edition coffee table book, by Chris Edwards and Elaine Weeks, shares a slice of American history you won’t want to miss. The publishing duo, who are the main force behind Walkerville Publishing, has created a mega-montage of Americana, spanning the Baby Boomer years from 1939-1980.

Edwards and Weeks throw a printed party for one of the most dynamic yet underdog cities in America. This pop-culture nootropic is guaranteed to upgrade your knowledge of US trivia. While older generations will wax nostalgic over the contents of 5000 Ways, others will be able to learn about Detroit while time traveling through this encyclopedic tour of the Motor City.

bookThere’s something for everyone in 5000 Ways You Know You’re From Detroit. After all, who doesn’t love the Motown sound, autos, and architecture? We were glad to see information about Albert Kahn and other famous Detroit architects and enjoyed the section entitled ‘Detroit Icons’ covering Detroit’s public art and architecture: The Thinker, Tubby’s, Big Boy, Big Cow Head, The Spirit of Detroit, The Big Fist, Big Tire, Big Stove, Ford Rotunda, Hart Plaza, The Penobscot, the Guardian building, the Fisher Building, the Rencen, Cobo, St. Anne’s Church, the Seven Sisters smokestacks, the Kern’s Clock, the Scott Fountain, GM’s Headquarters.

The section featuring 150-plus theatres was also excellent, as were many others. The authors have our respect for the hours of work it must have taken to create this book. Acquiring and culling the images for this project must have been daunting. The end-result astounds the reader with 1,400 photos and text across 480 pages.

Neither of us were born or bred in Detroit, but we enjoy its inspiring architecture and we love our Tigers. We wholeheartedly recommend you read “5000 Ways You Know You’re From Detroit,” even if you’re not from there.

Stuart Miller and Karen Andersen Miller are from MMA Architect Inc. in Winsor and have contributed to the architecture of Windsor-Essex since 1994. MMA Architect

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