Lessons From My Mother WFT 1

Rebecca S. Mickle’s deeply personal play, “Lessons From My Mother,” recently closed its run at Sho Art, Spirit & Performance in Windsor, Ontario, leaving audiences moved and inspired. Produced by the Windsor Feminist Theatre, this one-act play is a beautiful exploration of the bonds between mothers and daughters, spanning three past generations of Mickle’s own family.

Mickle’s script is a powerful and emotionally charged work that delves into the lives of her great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, and herself. Through a series of vignettes, the play explores the messages, values, and lessons that each woman has passed down to the next generation. The stories are at times humorous, at times heartbreaking, but always relatable and poignant. Mickle’s writing is mature and insightful, belying her young age and showcasing her talent as a playwright.


Under the sensitive direction of Linda Collard, “Lessons From My Mother” comes to life on stage. Collard’s casting decisions, which include Mickle herself, her mother Cynthia, and close friend Mary Grace Weir, add a layer of authenticity and emotional resonance to the performance. Collard’s vision elevates Mickle’s already powerful storytelling, and the minimalist staging allows the stories and the performances to shine, creating an intimate atmosphere that draws the audience into the lives of these remarkable women.

The play’s exploration of the evolving expectations placed on women across generations is particularly striking. Mickle’s script highlights the stark differences between her own experiences and those of her mother and grandmother, while also acknowledging the seeds of change that were planted by the women who came before her. This theme resonates strongly with audiences, as it speaks to the universal experiences of women navigating societal pressures and expectations.

One of the most impressive aspects of “Lessons From My Mother” is Mickle’s bravery in sharing such personal stories with the world. Opening up about one’s family history and inner circle is no easy feat, but Mickle does so with grace, vulnerability, and a keen sense of storytelling. The raw emotion that permeates the play is a testament to the strength of the script and the performances, leaving audiences feeling deeply connected to the characters and their experiences.

The Mother’s Day performance, complete with tea, treats, and floral centerpieces, was a particularly fitting way to experience this celebration of motherhood. As the play unfolded, the audience could feel the love, gratitude, and understanding that flowed between the generations of women on stage. It served as a poignant reminder of the importance of family, the power of shared experiences, and the unbreakable bonds that tie mothers and daughters together.

“Lessons From My Mother” is a play that encourages us to look deeper into our own family histories, to understand the forces that have shaped the women in our lives, and to appreciate the strength and resilience that have been passed down through generations. It is a reminder of the power of storytelling to connect us, to heal us, and to help us grow.

Though the curtain has fallen on “Lessons From My Mother,” the impact of this remarkable play will continue to resonate in the hearts and minds of all who were fortunate enough to experience it. It is a testament to the enduring strength of women, the unbreakable bonds of family, and the timeless wisdom passed down from mother to daughter. As we navigate the complexities of our own lives, we can all take comfort in the knowledge that, as Mickle so beautifully illustrates, the love and lessons of our mothers will always be with us, guiding us through even the darkest of times.


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