Lance Burton Caesars WindsorThe “Lance Burton Master Magician & Friends” show, which recently enchanted audiences at Caesars Windsor on January 18, 2024, continues the legacy of one of the most respected figures in the world of magic. Burton, hailed as the greatest stage magician of the past century by his peers, brought a spectacle that was both a nod to his illustrious past and a fresh take on classic illusions.

His show is a concoction of grand illusions, deft sleight of hand, and engaging audience participation, wrapped in a family-friendly package. His journey in magic, which began with an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” in 1981, has seen him grace numerous television shows, including David Letterman, Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson, and more. His televised specials on NBC and other channels have brought his unique blend of magic to millions of viewers.


For this tour, Burton has made it a point to differentiate his performance from his Las Vegas shows of the past decades. The show in Windsor, much like his other performances, featured a blend of his favorite magic tricks, big illusions, and interactive segments. The comedic elements and the inclusion of various forms of entertainment made the show a versatile experience. A real treat was his “behind the scenes” look at his magic shows, complete with magazine centerfolds and telephone calls. It’s also notable that he filled the stage with children of all ages for one trick, which he playful said was the largest group of kids he ever had on stage at one time, as they overlapped the massive stage from end-to-end.

Burton’s commitment to his craft and his ability to evolve while maintaining the essence of traditional magic is commendable. His shows not only display his mastery but also his ability to connect with the audience, irrespective of age.

It’s worth noting that for a magician who once pondered the mystery of silver dollars appearing behind his ear as a child, Lance Burton has certainly created a world where magic is not just a trick, but an experience to cherish.

All photos by Dan Savoie:

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