It’s easy to get sucked into the atmosphere at a Steel Panther show. They visited London Music Hall tonight (June 15) as part of their 10-gig Sunset Strip Live! Canadian Tour.

When you look past the corny lyrics and neon animal print spandex, these guys are impressive musicians and entertainers. Despite the brutal fall from grace, 80’s glam metal had a sense of spectacle and showmanship that was branded as uncool as soon as everyone with a guitar developed an allergy to hairspray and dayglow guitars.


For all of the great music of the 90’s, and the scorn heaped upon the 80’s, the transition between them sucked the innocence and sense of grandeur right off the stage. The built-in neurosis of alternative rock created a crippling fear of being uncool. The concept of the rock star went from an aspiration to an archetype to avoid. As a result, the show became less of a stage production, and more of a rock music recital.  Watching a band put on a show instead of merely a concert without a sense of self-consciousness is a great way to spend a Saturday night.

For the uninitiated, Steel Panther was formed in 2000 and is comprised of Michael Starr (lead singer), Satchel (guitarist), Lexi Foxx (bass) and Stix Zadinia (drums). Hailing from Los Angeles, the epicentre for rock n’ roll in all its debauchery and glamour, Steel Panther has established themselves as the world’s premier party band, melding hard rock with parody and criminally good looks. Steel Panther is a global phenomenon with four full-length albums, touring across the world, platinum-level YouTube status and high-profile television appearances such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, Larry King Now, FOX NFL Sunday and global magazine cover features.

All Photos by David Booth

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