Bayou-CountyFive local musicians have taken it upon themselves to keep the classic rock of Creedence Clearwater Revival and John Fogerty alive. The band, featuring Paul Beresford (lead vocals, guitar), Al Hendry (guitar, vocals), Drew Soltes (bass, vocals), Brandon Gourley (drums, percussion) and John Litynsky (guitar, vocals) are set to headline Olde Walkerville Theatre in Windsor on June 22.

Drew checked in with 519 for a little chat about everything CCR.

Tell me a bit about Bayou County.

Bayou County is a celebration of the music of CCR and John Fogerty. We do a very authentic version of their music and like to perform it exactly as originally recorded.

How did the band form? Was it for the love of Creedence?

Yeah, I think so. I think that over five decades now, I’ve been hearing this music. I mean, it’s timeless and it’s the music of the heartland. It is so embedded in our musical culture. As you walk around, we hear this music all day long, so we thought that doing a rendition of this great music would be just a great way to perform a show live.

You mention that you play it how it was recorded. How do you strive to make it that authentic?

Well, today’s technology makes it a lot easier today to capture the tones and nuances of the music. It really helps us creates that authentic sound.

Is there a certain era that you concentrate on more of than another?

Well, there’s really two eras when it comes down to John Fogerty. You have the era of CCR and then you had a 20 years absence before John Fogerty came back as a solo artist. So, we really have two different types of music there. Fogerty had some great hits, CCR had many great hits, so it is really a combination of all the works of John Fogerty and CCR in one big celebration.

Why do you think the audience still connects with this music? They haven’t recorded really anything since 1972.

Let me give you an example. I was in Cancun a few years ago, and I was wandering the streets of one of the port cities where there were so many merchants, restaurants and people around and it seemed like every corner I turned I heard a new CCR song or John Fogerty song all the way throughout my vacation that year. It was just everywhere I went. It was predominant and maybe subconsciously understand, but consciously you may not understand that. I think demographically it covers all ages – young and old, because realistically CCR was a combination of country music and rock music into one pocket. Country fans are happy and rock fans are happy.

Have you or anybody in the band been able to see either CCR or John Fogerty in concert?

Yeah, a couple of our guys have actually seen Fogerty live. He has a couple of video concerts on YouTube, so we can watch and capture what his sounds are and what his nuances are.

A lot of people don’t realize CCR was at Woodstock. John never allowed that footage to get released. Do you guys touch on the Lost Woodstock era in your shows at all?

Absolutely. They had many albums in the first few years of being CCR, they owned the radio – even though they’ve never hit #1 on the Billboard chart. They captured the #2 spot along the way, so the music was everywhere at that time. You’re absolutely right that era of Woodstock, the nuances of the Vietnam War and all the political unrest that was going on at that time – he would associate that music with that era.

It’s an interesting time to be a CCR fan right now is you know, the Creedence Clearwater Revisited is retiring. The long legal battle is now over. They plan on re-releasing the albums and may even release the Woodstock stuff.

Absolutely. I mean the trials and tribulations that they had as a band is one of the worst break-ups in pop culture. There was infighting within the band and with the record companies. So yeah it was a very ugly time and it is wonderful news that finally, possibly, they’re going to bury the hatchet on their past grievances.

Unfortunately, John Fogerty’s brother Tom is not alive anymore to be part of that band. I remember when they ended up in the Hall of Fame – there was a lot of tension at that time. It will be nice to see the animosity over with.

You’re coming to Windsor to Olde Walkerville Theatre in June.

It’s a beautiful walk through the theatre and it’s just a wonderful venue. Our hats off to the folks that are revitalizing this great venue and offering an opportunity and the stage for all the artists in the area. They’ve done a great job.

Bayou Country will bring the music of John Fogerty and CCR to life at Olde Walkerville Theatre on June 22. Tickets start at $25.

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